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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

No More Veri Catholici

The previous post by Barona, "Are 'traditional Catholics' succumbing to Liberalism," was prompted by an exchange I had online with the people behind Veri Catholici, where I responded to their claim that those who support Pope Francis "have adopted the heresy of Modernism, knowingly or not."

In retort to such a ridiculous claim - it implies that those who believe Benedict is the Pope, as Veri Catholici does, are free from Modernism, essentially a get out of jail free card - I merely said, "Same to you. No one is free from the infection of modernism. Not even the sedevacantists."

Their response? I was being extremely uncharitable, and I was blocked.

Despite appeals to the contrary by a third party, it is maintained that I am the one in the wrong, and that if I wish to be unblocked, I must apologize.

No, thanks. If my simple statement of fact causes me to be blocked by someone supposedly standing for Truth, I will not endure that again.

Catholics, we cannot do this. We cannot make our private judgement the Church. To do is to become a Protestant in a Catholic's body. This is the sin of Luther repeated time and again, not only by the thousands of Protestant denominations, but by Catholics living around the world.

We are all infected with liberalism, the end product of living in a liberal world 24/7. 

Liberals. Conservatives. Neo-conservatives. Neo-traditionalists. Counter-revolutionaries. All of these labels mean nothing, and all of us are modernists to some degree.

There is no one who is not a modernist.

While this blog has never supported Veri Catholici, Barona and I urge all readers of this blog to reconsider their support of the Twitter account and blog site, if that, indeed, is what they support. 

Cease any consideration to fund their Second Synod of Sutri, just as ridiculous as it sounds, for that will never happen. Veri Catholici, despite all claims to the contrary, has no power to excommunicate Cardinals. 

This is Messiah Complex: that grandiose delusion that one is a savior and that they are the exception.

It is a delusion brought on by social media and liberalism of our age, where the likes, retweets, and mentions make us think we are more important than we actually are, and causes us to think we are the exception to the rule.

No more Veri Catholici. Enough is enough. Call me judgmental, labeling, uncharitable, but this silliness has to end. 


Barona said...

Excellent post! You are correct, the Church is saved, preserved by Jesus Christ. To think that mere men "save" the Church is blasphemy. That is what these sad people are claiming. Luther was going to "save the Church too; as were all the myriad heresiarchs following him.

Michael Sadowski said...

I was also blocked by Veri Catholici on Twitter today. I retweeted something from VC which accused Catholics such as de Mattei, Skojec, and several others of lying for not agreeing with VC's position on the validity of B16's resignation. I simply noted that while it's possible these men might be mistaken, I wasn't buying that they were lying.

VC commented on my tweet that I needed to read the entire thread, and understand that many English speakers don't understand the difference between lying and mendacity. According to VC, the former only requires stating a falsehood, the latter alone involves the intention to deceive in stating a falsehood. I quite politely noted that both terms denote the intention to deceive, and that a person who is mistaken is in error, but that does not make him a liar. That got me blocked. What becoming Catholic manhood was exhibited with that. So much for this self-appointed stalwart of the faith. Veri Catholici would be more fittingly referred to as #VeriSnowflake.

Dymphna said...

Veri Catholici blocks anyone who disagrees, politely or not with them or even asks for clarification. I was initially sympathetic to VC because I couldn't understand why Steve Skojec has always been so rude to them but whoever runs VC's Twitter is way too sensitive.

Michael Sadowski said...

Having just recently become aware of the modus operandi of Veri Catholici described by Dymphna, let me add the following to what I offered above. Blocking someone who is abusive, immoderate, or even obnoxious is understandable. But there is something entirely ignoble about blocking those who simply differ with one, or who offer reasoned criticism to a position taken in a public controversy. This strikes me as especially true of any person or organization holding itself out as a standard-bearer of Catholic orthodoxy as Veri Catholici does.

It is not even for a moment imaginable that a Catholic controversialist like Hilaire Belloc would conduct himself so pusillanimously. Yet, this rather puerile conduct stands out all the more coming from an organization that has such an evident sense of such self-importance. It doesn’t lend credence to Veri Catholici’s positions; it only publicly undermines them. Perhaps I am far from alone in taking note of this modus operandi, and having it all but dry up any previous sympathies I may have held for this organization.

Irenaeus said...

Dymphna, Steve Skojec is rude to many people. Including Vox Cantoris, who had done nothing wrong to him. Veri Catholici is just infected with Messiah Complex, and is way too sensitive to supposed modernistic tendencies, which they themselves ironically have.

Michael, people just simply don't know how to debate anymore, with class or decorum.

St. Benedict's Thistle said...

I agree with the take here on VC. The moment they started asking for money on the one hand, while slapping everyone with the other hand, I knew there was a problem. Zealotry does not begin to describe them.