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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

TERESA LUBINSKI WINS ~ a pro-family, pro-life Catholic Trustee is elected !!!

Teresa Lubinski has been elected as our Catholic School Trustee in Ward  4.


Yesterday, a minor miracle happened in Toronto, when enough Catholics mobilized and came out to elect as our Trustee, a Catholic who will defend the rights of innocent children to receive a Catholic education. Teresa's strong win is a resounding affirmation of her stance on upholding Catholic moral teaching. 

The final results were:

Catholics elected a woman who will NOT remain quiet when the State attempts to impose false ideology on innocent school children, such as  "LGBT" gender ideology.

Catholics elected a woman who will NOT remain silent when dissenting teachers try to impose on innocent children false doctrine.

Catholics elected a woman who will NOT remain silent when the militant, secular Union, the Ontario Catholic Teacher's Association (OECTA), continues its attempts to undermine the Catholic Faith - be it promoting homosexuality, or bizarre and heretical ideas, such as women as "priests".

To all those who worked tirelessly for Teresa's election, may God reward you!

To the parents, families, and friends of innocent children who came ut to vote for Teresa, likewise, may God reward you! 

This election was about innocent souls. About your children having someone who will stand up to defend their rights, and the rights of Catholic parents to have their children receive an actual Catholic education. 

Pray friends for Teresa and the other Catholic Trustees. 

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Everyday For Life Canada said...

We congratulate Teresa Lubinski and wish her well. We need more Catholic trustees who are willing to be Catholic and defend the faith without compromise. Toronto Catholic Witness has a great job in getting the message out. Thank you for that.