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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Justin Trudeau reveals his fascist future for Canada during a Town Hall meeting. Watch the VIDEO!

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is a fascist. I have argued this for a number of years, with marginal support. I am hoping this little video, will make more Canadians open their eyes as to what drives Trudeau. 

The following video will show Trudeau for what he really is. A shameful charlatan, a totalitarian, an apostate, a sodomist, a vicious fascist! 

Hear it out of his own mouth! 

For a number of years, Trudeau has forcefully, aggressively and angrily (recall he even opined favourably for Separatism, if it would advance the cause of abortion), pushed and supported every imaginable evil: abortion (including $650,000,000 for third world abortions), the expansion of gender ideology, same-sex "marriage", "transgender rights", feminism, euthanasia, gay pride parades... 

The Catholic Church in Canada has distinguished herself in - at minimum - assisting Trudeau to power (given many churchmen are Liberal Party supporters), with a "Election Guide" that did not even mention the word "abortion". Trudeau, facing no opposition, was elected with a Majority Government. 

To top this off, we have had churchmen, even praising Trudeau. The incessant fawning and groveling stopped briefly a few weeks ago, when Trudeau blocked a few religious organizations from getting tax-payer money for summer jobs programs. But there was NO REAL opposition. Readers who are following this story carefully will notice that though abortion has been brought up, NOT ONCE was gender-ideology and homosexuality brought up. It goes to show you, these churchmen love money more than Christ and his Truth. 

When will this stop? 

When will churchmen REALLY speak out on MORAL issues - such as ABORTION, EUTHANASIA, HOMOSEXUALITY, GENDER-IDEOLOGY...? 

When will churchmen put CHRIST and HIS TRUTH before their lust for money?


Dr. T.T.Coals said...

"These churchmen love money more than Christ and His Truth." As does the USCCB, which loves, advocates and militates for open borders and unrestricted flow of "refugees" because (a) they receive millions and millions of federal dollars to process these people, and (b) they see them as future Democrat voters (the USCCB is known as the "Democratic Party at prayer").

Traitors and betrayers, every one of them, including the silent ones.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, call the antifa -- oh no the antifacists are against Trump/Pence the anti-aborts! The anti-fascists are for Trudeau!


Anonymous said...

Where's the video?