Friday, 15 September 2017

Christian Seno OFM claims opposition to sodomy is "an act of profound violence and sacrilege"

Christian Seno OFM (left) at the "Orgullo Gay" celebration in Mexico.
Photo copyright: Christian Seno (Flickr)

Militant homosexualist and gender ideology activist, Christian Seno OFM, wrote an extensive essay in December of 2016 (on his blog, "Pax et Bonum"), attacking the Catholic Church's position on homosexual and gender ideology. 

The Franciscan, Seno writes the following in a very long and detailed article, entitled "Objectively Disordered - Religious language and LGBT persons": 

Furthermore a reflection on the language used by religion, specifically the Roman Catholic Church, to delegitimize and pathologize homosexual or diverse expressions of sexuality or gender identity will enable us to discern aspects of our faith traditions that render us complicit to acts of injustice and violence.
Seno then goes on to approve of sodomy: 

The Church’s limited view of human sexuality, which is placed at the service of procreation and confined within the boundaries of sacramental marriage, therefore effectively prohibits LGBT persons from expressing the fullness of their humanity by excluding them from participating in healthy, generative relationships and mutual expressions of love.

Seno then proceeds to claim: 

The dichotomization of the LGBT person – the separation of sexual orientation from one’s humanity, of sexual expression from one’s sexuality, and of one’s ability to love from the possibility of being loved by others, by the Church, by oneself, and by God – effectively strips our brothers and sisters of the wholeness that makes them human. This is an act of profound violence and sacrilege, which attacks the very essence of our humanity by undermining the core belief that we are people of intrinsic worth because we have been made in the image of the Divine.

Seno continues: 

In order to do justice for and towards our LGBT bothers and sisters, the Catholic Church must revise its teachings on human sexuality in general and its views on homosexual orientation and gender identity in particular.
Seno then proceeds to outline his solution: 

In order for the Catholic Church to truly rectify its complicity with the violence and injustices leveled against the LGBT community, a wholesale reevaluation of its stance on homosexuality, the dignity of individual persons, and “unjust discrimination” is required.
Seno then calls for a great "coming out" of homosexuals and lesbians in the priesthood and religious life: 

For those of us who are gay and lesbian clergy and religious, an acknowledgement of our own sexual orientation could do much to erode the deep-seated bigotry and internalized homophobia that run through the Church. Perhaps more productive than expectantly waiting for the conversion of the Magisterium, the coming-out of gay Catholic priests, brothers, and nuns can be a major catalyst in challenging the institution’s assumptions about the ontological makeup of the people of God.

Dear friends, this is the same Christian Seno who wishes to make "illegal, "outlaw" the Catholic group, Courage, that ministers to persons with same-sex attraction. Seno's hatred seems to stem from Courage helping men and women who have this disordered attraction to remain celibate. Seno, as we have read, believes that such celibacy is "profound violence" and "sacrilege". Such celibacy is, according to Seno, stripping these people of "the wholeness that makes them human". Dear friends, as a religious, as a Franciscan, it is impossible that Seno does this without the permission of his religious superiors. 

Let there be no mistake, like the Jesuits and the Dominicans, the Franciscan Order has been heavily infiltrated by militant homosexuals, who seek to destroy the Church. They hate Christ they hate purity, they hate marriage, they hate true Christian love. They hate, because they wish to send souls to Hell. 

Pray for the conversion of Christian Seno. 


Ana Milan said...

These creeps have been sent to try us. It is part of the winnowing of the chaff from the wheat. The Day of Reckoning is fast approaching. God will not be mocked & terrible will be His response to Satan's demonic plan for the overthrow of His Church on earth in which they are eager participants. The list of priestly & religious who aspire to the Satanic LGBTQI agenda is growing by the day. If they value their souls they would be better off in learning & obeying the Ten Commandments "If you love Me, keep My Commandments" with particular emphasis on the 1st & 6th.

May God in His mercy soon end this pontificate & bring back Tradition to His Church.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

He should tell us, what activities he has in mind, which the Church holds to be sinful and unnatural.
Certainly, the Church does not forbid expressing one's humanity via friendship? Must it go anal? (If I refrain from stating the vulgar element, it will be what sodomites want. They call the unnatural by the name Love.)

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I will add this:

If a husband truly appreciates the mind and beauty of his wife's sister, and if he desires sexual intimacy with her, should he act on the desire?

Or if the unmarried woman feels a strong desire toward her sister's husband, should she act upon it? What if she were to never marry? Does she not have a right to express her humanity fully?

A priest or a monk, who chooses celibacy (who is not forced to do it) should not make oneself into a slave of his passions. He should stop preaching sodomy to others. He should have some fear of the merciful and just God, who will not be mocked for ever.

Anonymous said...

How can these creeps be allowed to remain as religious and hold positions in the Church?