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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Anastasia Hacault: Don't let her be the next "Charlie Gard"

Thirty-two year old Canadian Anastasia Hacault has a brain cancer and unless she receives treatment, she will die. An advanced Canadian invented laser-surgery technology, "NeuroBlate", developed at the University of Manitoba, enables surgeons to reach difficult regions of the brain with -literally - laser precision

But there is a problem, a serious problem. The "NeuroBlate" is unavailable in Canada. Anastasia will have to seek treatment in the United States where the NeuroBlate has been received with open arms. Under the pretext that the technology is "expensive" it is not available for Canadians. This from a system that regularly wastes - literally - billions of dollars. 

Dear friends, do not let Anastasia die. Pray for her and her courageous husband, Phil. 

Do not let her become Canada's "Charlie Gard". 

Anastasia is seeking to go to Cleveland to be treated. This costs money. 

Go and visit her GoFundMe campaign and help send her to Cleveland!! '

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Anonymous said...

A question. Is this treatment covered by insurance in the US? If not, then what's the difference in availability?