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Friday, 28 April 2017

Ontario launches all out war on the unborn, while spitting in the faces of families struggling to care for ill loved ones

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne having a gay old time with Justin Trudeau
at annual "Gay Pride Parade"

Yesterday, the Liberal Government of Ontario handed down the Provincial Budget. Kathleen Wynne, the Premier, and active lesbian, had a surprise for Ontarians. Included in the budget is a plan to pay for free contraceptives and abortion pills for women under 25. 

No money for families with autistic children, no money for families who are primary care-givers.... but lots and lots of money (YOUR money, dear Ontario residents) for young women to kill babies. 
Charles Sousa (sounds like a "Catholic" name, doesn't it?) had this to say about young women wishing to murder their babies: “We’re trying to provide women with a choice and with a safe choice, and that’s it”

The effeminate and pro-homosexual PC leader, Patrick Brown (another so-called "Catholic") announced he would not oppose the tax-payer funding of baby killing chemicals, stating idiotically: “let the scientists decide, not the politicians.” 

Sousa also gravely insulted the elderly who are suffering from dementia. As a former primary care-giver, (no, I was NOT a "care-partner" - the new catch phrase trotted out in the Ontario 2016 "Discussion Paper" on dementia - another useless new word invented by people who having nothing else to do) his platitudes and empty words are truly nauseating. As a doctoral student, specializing in dementia - and having spent the past three months researching into health policy - I can state that the 2016 "Discussion Paper" issued by the Provincial Government is a woefully inadequate response to a looming health care crisis. 

Indeed, the "Discussion Paper" has a glossary which contains the following: 

LGBTQ2S: LGBTQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or transgender, queer, and two spirit) is intended to include diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

Behind all of this one sees a profound spiritual crisis, driving and informing the health care crisis. 

Consider that this budget has been out for nearly 24 hours, promotes the killing of babies, yet we have not heard one word from Catholic churchmen, or other Catholic "leaders". 

The Twitter feeds of the Archdiocese of Toronto is silent, as is the feed of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Nothing from "The Catholic Register", nor from Salt and Light TV (Fr. Rosica's media outfit). So it goes. Silence, more, silence, and yet more silence..... 


Kathleen1031 said...

What a scandal, to realize Catholic bishops and priests have completely abdicated their moral responsibilities. You cowards! Judases! You have abandoned Christ, the Catholic faith, the church, the sheep. You should fear God.
All these men understand is money. Stop putting it in the basket each week, unless they are faithful priests who speak up about this this cultural takeover of pagans.
Oh Canada, you are lost.

Marcellina said...

Thank you. If I was as eloquent as you, I would say the same.

God love you and the courageous BARONA from not equivocating on these grave evils in spite of the weak Churchmen.

Praying. Praying and Praying

Anonymous said...

In all due respect can you please meditate on this one thought,please?
Before all of the changes that took place before Easter Vigil 1951,it was impossible for Catholic clergy,schools,hospitals,and lay people to accept homosexual/lesbian/bi/trans/
abortion,no fault divorce,
"Interreligious prayer meetings" (The Gods of the Gentiles are devils-St.Paul),etc..
Could it be possible that Catholics in the conciliar structure are part of a new religion devoid of sanctifying grace?
If the conciliar structure was truly the Catholic Church,would these abominations be taking place?