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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Vatican City State is infested with homosexuals ~ is your Diocese?

Homosexual Mgr. Ricca listed as "Director" of St. Martha House

Last December Fr. Dariusz Oko - the eminent fighter against the homoheresy - in a wide ranging interview told Michael Voris that the number of homosexuals in the Vatican number somewhere between 30-50%. Homosexuals attract to Rome for power, prestige, money, the easy life. 

As Fr. Oko said, while most priests in Poland still spend time hearing confessions, most west European and North American priests are effeminate, soft, indulging in sports and past times,  always involved in "dialogue" (hence, seeking compromise), ignoring doctrine and pursuing the comfortable lifestyle of up-scale businessmen. Just look at the bishops: effeminate, weak, conforming - never standing up to evil. These men are evil, depraved and we need to know if they are homosexuals, freemasons. 

The entire video is well worth every Catholic studying and praying about. 

Fr.Oko also spoke about the career of the notorious Monsignor Battista Ricca "Prelate" of the Domus Sanctae Marthae. Fr. Oko, in the interview related the whole sordid tragedy of Ricca's militant homosexual lifestyle: including his partying, his Swiss Guard "lover", his "incident" in the lift etc. 

Sent back to Rome,  after being excoriated by Nuncio Bolanek, Ricca's Rome based enablers and protectors set about whitewashing his crimes and preparing him for his next position. These enablers are the same gang of homosexuals who also enabled and protected the vile Krszysztof Charamsa. 

Just how many more Charamsa's remain in Rome; evil, vile Judases indulging in perverted sexual acts, blaspheming the Mass and working to establish the coming of the Antichrist? 


Brian said...

Hello Barona

My diocese, here in Ontario, the percentage is about 50% homosexual. The source for this stat is a priest (who knows what is going on) of the diocese itself. Truly, it is an infestation.

Jonah said...

Get the feminazis off the parish councils and out of the school boards. These are the she-demons that send all the Forest Gumps to seminary.