Sunday, 26 February 2017

Los Angeles Religious Education Conference infiltrated by militant homosexuals

Arthur Fitzmaurice with two "engaged" homosexuals
What if I told you that the LA Religious Education Conference was sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, AND that the Congress has a militant, dissident homosexual as a presenter? Certainly you would not be surprised. 

Arthur Fitzmaurice, the interviewee of homosexualist Jason Welle S.J. is indeed presenting on "LGBT" issues at this disgraceful Congress. As you review the following photos, reflect on the degree, the power and the near completeness that militant homosexuals have successfully infiltrated and taken over the Catholic Church in the United States. Fitzmaurice is not new to this blog, I have written about him here. 

Fitzmaurice's billing at the LA Religious Education Conference
More propaganda on Fitzmaurice from the LA Religious Education Conference

Leaving and encouraging homosexuals to stay in sin is not "love" but hate 
Fitzmaurice believes that Catholic teaching on homosexuality is "gravely evil" 

On a final note: not only is the USCCB officially present at this event, but so is EWTN. What would Mother Angelica say of this betrayal of Christ and His Church? 

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