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Friday, 20 January 2017

President Donald Trump scrubs homosexual propaganda from White House website; Vatican Radio attacks him!

Catholic readers should be more than dismayed that Vatican Radio saw fit to conduct an interview with homosexualist Massimo Faggioli attacking President Donald Trump. 

While this loathsome man was spewing his rubbish on Vatican Radio, Trump's men were busy removing Barack Obama's evil pro-homosexual page from the White House website. 

Vatican Radio launches an attack on President Trump 

Readers can easily discern a militantly pro-Democrat position by so-called Catholic elites. The following is a fine example. Absolutely disgusting. One only wonders about the depth of depravity amongst the Jesuit Superiors who encourage this kind of behaviour. 

"Thank-you" for a man who virulently promoted abortion and homosexuality 

Just where are these churchmen coming from? 

What do they believe? 

Judas Priests!


DJR said...

Is his name really Faggioli? Oh, the irony.

Kathleen1031 said...

Every day, in many ways, it gets clearer and clearer our church is gone, and in it's place is left a hollowed out shell with sodomites and destroyers in it.
Lord, please do something about this soon.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

This is a glamour that Satan has placed over the Church to make us think it has changed. So many Catholics are afraid our faith is gone. But it is a deception. The faith is unchanged! Hold fast. Be not afraid. Christ is still in charge of the Church. Christ's conscience is the Conscience of the Roman Catholic Church! That can never change. Many will be and are deceived, but this is their punishment. God is giving them what they want. They want to be deceived. They reject the truth. God allows it. God bless you.Susan Fox www.ChristsFaithfulWitness.com