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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Just how many homosexual and pro-homosexual bishops are there in the United States?

"...the Orlando nightclub Pulse, described by its owner as "a place of love and acceptance for the LGBTQ community," Bishop Edward Scharfenberger

Bishop Noonan with the "pastor" of pro-homo parish
Our Lady of Lourdes
Bishop James Noonan of Orlando has banned Fr. Frank Pavone and Priests for Life from his Diocese. What he HAS NOT banned is the militant homosexual activity taking place at Our Lady of Lourdes parish. 

Noonan was one of a large handful of churchmen who spoke out on the shooting in the homosexual nightclub in Orlando. Not one of these men addressed the issue of the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts; that each and every act is an abomination before God; a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance. One must ask: how could Noonan's fellow bishop, Edward Scharfenberger without equivocation approvingly quote the evil gay club owner as "a place of love..." It was a place of hate, where men were sending themselves and each other to hell!  For those speculating, I care not that this disgusting bishop celebrated a Traditional Latin Mass; little will it avail him.  

Pro-homo militants from Our Lady of LOurdes parish, Orlando, FL
Catholics have to really ask themselves: where are these bishops and priests coming from? 

Are these bishops homosexuals? 

Are they practicing homosexuals?

Are they covering up homosexual activity by fellow bishops and priests? 

Are they involved in black mail and counter black mail? 

Catholics really have to start asking themselves where these people are coming from. 

Gay Orlando nightclub: "...a place of love..."?
For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is obvious that the Church has been massively infiltrated by militant homosexuals, right into the upper echelons of the hierarchy.   

It was back in the 1980s that Fr. John O'Connor, virtually single handedly fought and exposed these evil infiltrators. Fr, O' Connor once spoke about how a seminary professor told him back in the 1960s how even in the 50s the professor had so much difficulty rooting out and dismissing homosexual seminarians. 

This demonic infiltration carried out in North America and western Europe has led to the hierarchies being infiltrated to the very top with practicing homosexuals.

These "men" are satanists, worshiping Lucifer with their horrible profanation of the Sacraments. These men hate Christ, His Church, and His Sacraments. They especially hate the Sacraments of the Most Holy Eucharist and Holy Matrimony. 

Is it any wonder why these churchmen never preach true doctrine on marriage? Is it any wonder that Catholics in reacting against libertinism fall into the clutches of Manichean puritans? Is it any wonder that Catholics divorce, contracept, abort, masturbate and engage in unnatural sexual acts (oral and anal "sex" - both in fact being forms of sodomy) as much as the pagans? Truly, these militant homosexuals, engaging in unnatural sexual acts themselves must be diabolically rejoicing. 

The full report is carried by Church Militant. 


Gregg said...

Could you please link to Bishop Scharfenberger's article?

What you insinuate about him is incorrect. It would be helpful if anyone who reads this site could read the entire article and thereby understand what he was saying. Actual context, not a snippet of a quote followed by what you followed it with, would be helpful.

He is my bishop, and he is a good man who tries to do a difficult job well.

Anonymous said...

Are they? Of course they are. Paid for by us.

Kathleen1031 said...

It is time for this topic to get dealt with. I will tell you, this has become so obviously rife within the Church, it is making a difference to my husband and I. Now, we of course have always known there are homosexual priests, or at least, for some time now. Then the homosexual predator scandals happened, and we see Catholic boys and young men are 81% of the victims of sexual abuse by our priests and bishops (The John Jay Study). So we know homosexuals are molesting our boys. We waited. What would the popes do about it? Oh, they tightened up some rules about "safe environment" in the church, you can't be alone (technically) with a child. (Girls are probably safe for the most part) but regardless, that was new. But the admittance to seminaries, that was what we waited for, because that would stem the flood of homosexuals into the priesthood!

Didn't happen. Never happened.
Business as usual.
And now here we are, watching as homosexuals become more and more open and "involved" in our Catholic church, and more and more priests and Bishops come out and support homosexual activity. Obviously our church is lousy with homosexuals, and they cause damage, by scandalizing the faithful, and how many of these snakes are actively molesting boys and young men?? In West Palm Beach, we have a situation where a priest catches a visiting priest from India showing a 14 year old boy pornography, in what is known in police circles as "grooming" the boy for sexual activity. The priest, Father Gallagher, notifies the police directly. The police confirm the boy was at great risk, and they noted, the diocese has a history of "resistance" to cooperating with police on these matters.

So what happens? The priest is targeted by the bishop! There are no words for such a reality, and it is fair to wonder if we are past the point of no return.
All this leads to serious questions, for any Catholic.
Please excuse me if you have reported on this story already and I am repeating what you all know. It's just that this story is important for Catholics to understand. When a priest is being victimized by his bishop for REPORTING the sexual abuse of a child, we are in trouble indeed.
God help children, God help us.

Marcellina said...

Barona linked to the ENTIRE LETTER FROM Scharfenberger in the post at the red lettered "spoke out". CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!!!!!!!! Duh.

THIS IS S GOOD BISHOP? Using homosexual propaganda language to describe human beings as LGBTQ (Community) instead of children of God which is our true identity? Twice!!! Since when do we describe human identity by acts of unimaginable perversion to defile the human body and soul ( we are after all SUPPOSED TO BE TEMPLES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT).
Then giving the FILTHY APOSTATE (former Catholic) FEMALE club owner a platform to say that this place was a PLACE OF LOVE?
I am sick to my stomach that a supposed Catholic bishop would cowtow to calling HUMAN BEINGS CREATED BY GOD,LGBTQ as if we are just NUMBERS OR LETTERS !!!! Disgusting.
Humans were numbers in Nazi death camps (I have seen the tattoos of numbers identifying concentration camp survivors on their arms).
I don't care how many Latin Masses this bishop offers he is WRONG.


Oh by the way, Barona didn't insinuate anything ... he reported the words out of the bishops' MOUTH.
I wonder what St John Chrysostom would say about this? Here, read this :

Not Barona.
Sad thing is that not one of these bishops said that sodomy is a mortal sin... if St John preached this homily today as a priest, YOUR BISHOP AND THE OTHERS WOULD KICK HIM OUT OF THEIR DIOCESES.

We are either for Christ or we are against Him. There is no middle road.
There are two men, (both in Catholic lay ministry) one a former sodomite and pornographer and another who engaged in homosexual and heterosexual fornication who have come back to Christ. I prayed for them and do not hold ANY JUDGEMENTS on THEM AS I AM A SINNER AS WELL. They both agree with me that this behavior is vile and sinful and living chaste in Christ is the only answer.
Both men have been publicly insulted by Churchmen and the so-called REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LGBTQ AGENDA...

What say you?

Congratulations, Barona on flushing out lukewarm Catholics.

Marcellina said...

HERES A TRUE CATHOLIC BISHOP: read it and weep. Talks about sins against our sexuality. Where is Scharfenberger on self-abuse, fornication...homosexual and lesbian acts: SODOMY ???
For speaking the truth THIS bishop has been strong-armed out using his chronic health condition to "resign immediately " riiiighhhht... btw how would you know a good Catholic bishop anyway? You are a relatively new convert, no? You need to wake up.

Marcellina said...


Marcellina said...

Here's the Catholic response from a truly Catholic bishop: pass it on to your "bishop" :

Kathleen1031 said...

Sorry, I see you already posted the Palm Beach story! Oh well.

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

Is there a writer with information and analysis about ... the episcopate in Canada? Who would be the runner-ups for this type of "bishop"?