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Saturday, 15 October 2016

RESIGN IMMEDIATELY: Executive Director of "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good" accuses a blogger of drug use, asking: "are you on crack"?

Christopher J Hale, the Executive Director of the dissident group "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good", during the course of a number of exchanges via Twitter's Direct Message, accused the blogger, Always Catholic of "...being on crack".  

Hale's remark was disgusting, insulting and slanderous. This blog demands that he APOLOGIZE and RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. 

Wikileaks shows the links between dissident groups and the Democrats going back to at least 2008. 

Just who is this Arthur Fitzmaurice, who is on Staff at the dissident "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good"? He is a militant homosexual activist who is demanding with fellow homosexuals and their allies that the Catholic Church approve of perverted sexual activity, such as "anal sex", fisting, rimming and so forth. 

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This new revelation just shows how evil this group is: