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Monday, 17 October 2016

Edward Beck C.P. - America's resident Judas priest - comes out of the closet for the Clinton Campaign

Edward Beck posing with militant pro-abortion advocate and "actress", Julianne Moore

Edward Beck, the notorious Passionist priest and CNN contributor, who loves to hob-knob with the powerful and wealthy (invariably militantly pro-abortion), has seen fit to come to the defense of the Clinton campaign regarding the emails that exposed a virulent anti-Catholicism. 

Vox Cantoris carries a full report and analysis.

Just who is this Edward Beck? That is a good question. Based on his social media activity if not engaging in the writing and staging of a ridiculous play, he may be seen on television presiding over irreverent and scandalous liturgies, posing with pro-abortion actresses, or with his close buddy Chris Cuomo, or Chris' grossly immodest wife; or just posing himself for the cameras. 

And posing, and posing...and posing. 

Nothing like a narcissist priest to rebuild Christ's Church.  

Or, as Eddy Beck perhaps prefers, "clergyperson"

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Karl Rahner Jr. said...

There should be a warning when posting those pictures. A warning that they might cause uncontrollable puking.