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Thursday, 6 October 2016

BREAKING: Bishop Johann Bunny is calling for the Catholic Church to give Special Blessings in the Roman Rite approving of Murder

Sodomist and Adulterist,"Bishop" Johan Bonny
Bishop Johann Bunny - in solidarity with Bishop Johan Bonny's call for the Catholic Church to formally accept as virtuous, holy and good, unnatural sexual vice (sodomy), adultery and fornication - is calling for an expansion of Catholic acceptance of the three other sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Bishop Bunny, in a press conference, stated the following: 

"His Excellency Bishop Bonny in calling for the acceptance of homosexual activity as warranting the Church's blessing should be extended to the three other grave sins that Sacred Scripture find repugnant and especially evil. I think it is very unjust for practicing homosexuals and adulterers to now be accepted and held up as virtuous, but murderers and defrauders of the poor to still be condemned and accused of sin"

Bishop Bonny was unavailable for comment when the "League of Persecuted Murders", the "International Association of Exploiters of the Poor"  tried to reach his Office for comment. 

Bishop Bunny also stated: 

"the silence from the Belgian hierarchy means that Bishop Bonny has strong support for endorsing homosexual activity and adultery. The inability or refusal of the Roman Authorities to remove Bishop Bonny also means heavy homosexual infiltration in the Vatican, given these men in Rome are unmarried.  After all, why would an unmarried man, allegedly celibate, be obcessed with promoting homosexuality? I hope that the homosexuals in Belgium and Rome will not forget the grave injustice towards unrepentant murderers and exploiters of the poor. They too deserve their behaviour to be not only excused but positively promoted as virtuous, good, and blessed by God".


Kathleen1031 said...

Well put. They're mostly all sodomites, it seems. God save us from these plagues on our church, faith, and people. They are destroying everything.

Luciano said...

How long Lord