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Saturday, 16 July 2016

The attempt by the Modernist Clericalist Cabal to silence and control Catholics on the Internet has totally failed!

Speak the truth and they will "block" you. So writes Catholic blogger, Joe Sales. The list of Catholics who have spoken truth and been blocked is ever growing. Incessant "blocking" of those Catholics who challenge the views of the powerful official, Modernist elite that controls and seeks to continue to control the Church seems to be the new pastime of churchmen who obviously have far, far too much time on their hands. Instead of sitting for hours in the confessional box, they seem to be spending hours on the internet "blocking" and denigrating those who dare speak Catholic truth. 

The elitists, who boast of their media credentials and prowess, in reality manifest no understanding of the new social media that surrounds us. They believe that social media is not to engage, but to intimidate and bludgeon. We know them, or of them: James Martin S.J., Edward Beck C.P., Thomas Rosica CSB.,... all elitists, clericalists, Modernists. 

The reality is that they have completely lost control of the narrative; gone are the days of a local chancery newspaper. Modernists clerics need to awaken to the fact that Catholic bloggers are here to stay. 

Recently, a has failed authoress, Phyllis Zagano, attempted to make another stab at fame and fortune with her pathetically foolish and grossly inaccurate article about Catholic bloggers inaugurating a "schism". Apparently, according to Zagano, Vox Cantoris is in the forefront of this "schism". Zagano informs us that Thomas Rosica "charitably" alerts us to the dangers of the Catholic blogosphere:" obsessed, scrupulous, self-appointed..."  Dear, oh dear...

Naturally, Zagano fails to mention Rosica's fawning interview of the the arch-heretic, Gregory Baum. All of this coming from a hierarchically condemned newspaper that incessantly promotes heresy and schism. 

As The Vox points out: these people have lost; these ravings are but the last gasp of neo-Modernists who feel power slipping from their grasp. May it slip even quicker. 

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