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Friday, 22 July 2016

The Adulterists Strike Back: Antonio Spadaro S.J., and Cardinal Schonborn go on the offensive to promote Holy Communion for Adulterers!

According to the Associated Press (AP), the "Vatican" is "ratcheting up defense" of the Pope's Amoris Laetitia document. This shameful work of propaganda, was re-tweeted by the English language "spokesman" to the Holy See Press Office, Thomas Rosica, CSB.  According to AP, Raymond Cardinal Burke is derisively labeled as an "arch-conservative", and so on... Why? Just because the Cardinal defends Catholic Truth? 

Obviously, the secular press intend to continue to promote the evasiveness of Amoris Laetitia regarding Communion for Adulterers, to the strident sideline cheering of the neo-modernist elitist clergy. Conversely, the secular Press eagerly report and promote the pro-adulterist propaganda advocated by the neo-Modernist innovators. The last Synod of the Family gave witness to an extraordinary "relationship" between the secular media and the neo-modernist churchmen, both striving to outdo each other in the down playing of the grave sinfulness of adultery and homosexual acts.  

Joining in the "offensive" launched by the Adulterists is the horrific neo-Modernist Jesuit rag, America, carries a very devious and evasive interview of Schonborn by Antonio Spadaro S.J. Spadaro is perhaps the best known Adulterist who is advocating an historicist conception of praxis that implicitly influences and changes doctrine. In other words, Spadaro wants to fudge Catholics with the impossibility that one can change and not change doctrine. 

Schonborn: It is possible, in certain cases, that the one who is in an objective situation of sin can receive the help of the sacraments. We come to the sacraments as beggars, like the tax collector at the back of the temple who does not dare to lift his eyes. The pope invites us not only to look at the external conditions (which have their own importance) but also to ask ourselves whether we have this thirst for a merciful pardon, so that we may respond better to the sanctifying dynamism of grace. One cannot pass from the general rule to “some cases” merely by looking at formal situations. It is therefore possible that, in some cases, one who is in an objective situation of sin can receive the help of the sacraments.

In other words, these churchmen believe that a person in objective grave sin, and lacking Grace - an Adulterer - should be admitted to Holy Communion. Here again, we have the "smoking gun" of the Adulterist Party! 

They refine lies until they resemble truth*.

* H/T Always Catholic         

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