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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Jesuit Order comes charging out supporting the Democrat Party!

I knew that the clericalist, jet-setting elitist churchmen would come charging out in full support of the "Catholic" Tim Kaine. The apostate grave-diggers of the Catholic Church in the United States cannot contain their apostatic demonic delight in the selection of a "Catholic" who supports abortion, and the abominable sin of homosexuality.  Kaine is an open heretic who even supports the deranged idea that two men or two women can confect "marriage". 

How is it possible the churchmen can support a candidate who supports the killing of human life, supports sexual perversion, and supports an ideology that blasphemes and profanes Holy Matrimony? The answer lies in the fact that so many of these churchmen are themselves militant, practicing homosexuals who despise Holy Matrimony. Is it any wonder why Matrimony is suffering so badly? Is it any wonder why priests permit marriage ceremonies that make a mockery of this great sacrament? It makes sense when one realizes that they are homosexuals and it is in their vested interest to destroy Marriage. Let us make no mistake, with the destruction of Holy Matrimony comes the destruction of the family and then the Nation. 

Churchmen supporting Tim Kaine reveal who they are: evil malefactors who are the enemies of Jesus Christ and His Church. 

Mark my words, james Martin S.J., is but the first of what will be a whole line of salivating, fawning Modernists. This blog has already reported on the disgusting quisling behaviour of the Passionists of New York vis-a-vis the Cuomo family. Another shameful sellout to Caesar. 

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