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Monday, 20 June 2016

Is the Vatican meddling in internal US Politics to enable a Democrat win for the White House?

La Civilta Cattolica, the unofficial newspaper of Pope Francis, and directly under the control of Papal confidante and intimate adviser, Editor-in-Chief Antonio Spadaro S.J., has seen fit to engage in US Politics. Specifically, the US Presidential Elections. The Pope's newspaper, attacked US Presidential candidate Donald Trump, as "populist" and "xenophobic" (notwithstanding his own mother was an immigrant). Spadaro's rag does not inform the reader as to why being a "populist" is bad, nor does it define what being "xenophobic" is. A typical tactic of attacking the person and not the point.

Readers must presume that Mr. Trump's grave sin is actually believing and deciding to act upon a nation's right to exist and control its own borders.  Apparently, these wealthy, jet-setting, decadent clerics have utter contempt for America's working class who are being destroyed by both the Democrat and Republican Parties. Mr. Trump, as a populist, places Americans first. Apparently this is unacceptable to these clericalists who seem to dream of a new international Order. They would do far better in explaining to Catholics in American why they helped create the situation that led to the mass rape of boys by pedophile priests, and to the Catholic world at large as to why so many of them in the Vatican are homosexuals, then telling Americans that they should have no borders and allow foreign countries to continue to pillage and rape America's economy. 

As for the lying, corrupt, deceitful, murderous and malignantly pro-abortion and homosexualist Hillary Clinton, Spadaro's newspaper merely laments that she is in an atmosphere of "distrust", which may be difficult to overcome (in other words, it would be preferable to the arch-Modernists in the Vatican, that Clinton would be able to overcome this "distrust" and so win the White House, over the allegedly xenophobic Trump). 

This is not the first time that the Vatican has aligned itself with Democrat forces. We have already seen the scandalously close relationship between the churchmen in Vatican City and the Democrat Party in action last year.  Last year, the English Language Spokesman for the Holy See Press Office, Thomas Rosica, CSB., launched a highly uncalled for personal attack on a number of Republican candidates on CBC television, even questioning their Catholicism because they doubted (as I do) anthropocentric "global warming". Rosica should have been immediately dismissed for his partisan political attack and meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. Alas, he was not. 

But the churchmen in Rome did not remain silent, but swung into action. Not to remove militant homosexual bishops, not to clean up the seminaries, not to put an end to rife heresy. No. But to profane St. Peter's Basilica with the display of secular and even occult images in the name of this elusive "global warming". 

Just weeks ago, the US Democrat Presidential candidate, rabid homosexualist and abortionist, Bernie Sanders, entered triumphantly for a "conference" in Vatican City. Indeed, one felt that he was being treated as  "Cardinal" Bernie Sanders.

It is ironic that the media, that led a vicious anti-Catholic campaign during J.F.K's. Presidential candidacy, is silent; indeed fawning on the clericalists in the Vatican. Why? Simply because there is a convergence between internationalists in the United States and those who rule in Vatican City. It is called Freemasonry. 

It is time for Catholics to confront the political decadence of these corrupt clericalist Romans who do not have our Lord and His Church at heart, but are rather the "mercenaries" that St. Augustine wrote of centuries ago. 

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