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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fr. Edward Beck is a malefactor and deceiver: apostate priest rejects teaching on the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts

Homosexualist propagandist, Fr. Edward Beck 
Writing in the neo-Modernist online rag, Crux (sponsored by the Knights of Columbus), CNN religion commentator, Fr. Edward Beck, de facto scoffed off the Catechism of the Catholic Church rejected Catholic teaching on the sinfulness of homosexual acts. In rejecting the teachings of Christ and replacing it with moral relativism, Beck articulated a position that there is no objective moral truths, and that each person may decide what is right and wrong. One may ask Beck: is this only applicable to those to engage in the sin of Sodom; or, logically should we also extend this to all sins? Perhaps the pedophile priests also think they have done nothing wrong and they should be given a pass? Perhaps the rapist or abortionist also feels he has "nothing for which to apologize or atone". Beck reflects the total corruption of the Passionist Order that he belongs to. 

Beck wrote: 
This man is an evil malefactor, a Judas priest. He is liar and a deceiver and should leave the priesthood. 


Eugene said...

How long Lord?

Edison Frisbee said...

Fr. Edward Beck......my gay-dar is pinging off the charts.....

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