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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Fr. Edward Beck and Cardinal Dolan: What have we here? Going out to the peripheries and the poor? - UPDATED

A further update on Fr. Edward Beck of the decadent and corrupt Passionist Fathers. Beck is on the record as stating he is a "clergyperson". Is Beck now coming out in favour of priestesses? Or, is he implying something else? 

Recently this blog documented Beck's incredible coziness with the powerful, wealthy and pro-abortion Cuomo family. We also revealed his love of posting photos of himself with persons who believe they are "celebrities"; such as the despicable militant pro-abortionist, Julianne Moore. Her evil, her activism for Planned Parenthood has not stopped the quisling Beck from posting photos of himself with her, fawning all over her.

Now, let us turn our attention to the strange case of the Cardinal Archbishop of New York. Vox Cantoris has written about the satanic homosexualist trend in the Archdiocese of New York, under Cardinal Timothy "Stonewall" Dolan. Michael Voris has done outstanding work in unmasking the evil homosexual Judas-priest that the Cardinal permitted to remain in active ministry. Just what is going on: is the Archdiocese in the throes of homosexual blackmail and counter blackmail? One knows that rampant homosexuality is an ongoing problem in the Church, with homosexuals not being removed from the priesthood. 

Here I present to you, dear friends, a most repugnant photo: a Prince of the Church laughing and joking with the perfidious Andrew Cuomo, pro-abortionist and pro-homosexualist. Cuomo also has a shameful relationship with Judas-bishop,  Howard Hubbard of Albany. This photo helps us understand how demonically possessed sodomite priests are allowed to run loose in New York.

In fact, City Room reports the Cuomo relationship with the Judas inspired New York State episcopacy in this manner:

Bishop Hubbard appeared with Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, the leader of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, and several other high-ranking bishops who had lunch with Mr. Cuomo at the Executive Mansion on Tuesday afternoon.
In a statement, Josh Vlasto, a spokesman for Mr. Cuomo, said: “The governor enjoyed his lunch meeting with Archbishop Dolan and the bishops from the Catholic Conference. He looks forward to continuing to work closely with them during his administration.”

St. John Eades wrote that the worst punishment that God can visit upon his Church is wayward and bad priests. The saint pointed out that this horrible "visitation" comes from a God who is enraged and disgusted with His Church.  What can enrage God more than seeing no opposition from his Church against the abomination of abortion? I mean real, substantive opposition - not banquets, letters, the wringing of hands, simpering memos sent by bishops to politicians etc.

Fr. Edward Markley, OSB, a true priest of Jesus Christ took real action against abortion, as a real prophet would. Back in the 1980s, he entered an abortion mill and destroyed the killing machines. What support did he receive? What if there were a thousand Fr. Markleys? Now, we are having a replay on the issue of euthanasia. But abortion was successfully spirited in, with massive "Catholic" support or indifference; likewise, euthanasia will be impossible to stop. 

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