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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Chris Cuomo: " ...conservative Catholics like yourself, and people who are pro-life..." ~ how Fr. Edward Beck's "friend" defends Planned Parenthood's slaughter of babies

"The Word is the light, and yet men have preferred the darkness..."
Pope Francis, Angelus, January 3, 2016

Pro-abortion & homosexualist, Chris Cuomo all cosy with Judas-Bishop Neil Tiedemann
and Edward Beck friend, jazz singer, Nicole Henry.   

Chris Cuomo of CNN is a strident, militant apologist for Planned Parenthood. This, in itself, would be bad enough. It is - alas - far worse, as this same man claims to be Catholic, all the while denigrating and mocking Catholics who actually follow Our Lord and His Church. In other words, Cuomo is a hypocrite. Cuomo mockingly addressed David Daleiden, of the Center for Medical Progress, in these words after Daleiden mentioned how Planned Parenthood employees would kill babies, including crushing their heads with forceps:

":...conservative Catholics like yourself and people who are pro-life..." 

One sees how God draws good out of evil; the vain, pompous, preening Cuomo outed himself as anti-life. Just as his brother, Andrew, outed himself as a fascist. 

As you watch, dear friends, the following videos, consider a change in scenario: imagine how long Cuomo would last as a "journalist" if it was not the butchering of babies that was in question, but the gassing of Jews. Consider how long Cuomo would last as a "Catholic", if he was an apologist for Nazism. Would he be seen posing with heresiarch bishops? Would Edward Beck be busy uploading photos of his close friend to his Facebook page? One wonders why a global Holocaust against the Unborn is so unimportant to so many churchmen? 

But it goes far deeper than Cuomo's noisy defence of abortion, or his effusive gushing over gay "marriage". The following screenshots show how dangerous it is when priests and bishops become seduced by filthy lucre; when priests- rather then following Our Lord Jesus Christ - begin to be seduced by the siren call of power and wealth. The greatest tragedy of all is a priest falling into the clutches of corrupt nominal Catholics - in this case, the powerful, wealthy, pro-abortion, pro-homosexualist Cuomo family.

Both Chris and his brother Andrew, (sadly, Governor of New York State) exhibit pro-homosexualism. Recently, Andrew - as mentioned above - revealed himself to be inclined towards Italian fascism, as was manifested in his denunciation of Americans who opposed gay "marriage" as being "anti-American"

Chris Cuomo may be articulate in his "journalistic" attacks on people, but he is not a thinker. Viewers can discern this by watching Cuomo's penchant for latching onto and twisting words out of context and always attempting to "lead" the interview his way. This is a man who does not believe in objective truth. Behind the strident pomposity of a Cuomo interview is no actual substance. A case in point may be his foolish defense of gay "marriage", (where he falsely equates being to acting) or his "interview" (really a rabid attack) on David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress about the despicable Planned Parenthood videos: 

Now, consider Cuomo's support of the perversion of marriage; it is "fueling outrage amongst conservatives and Christians..":

Is it any wonder the fight was lost over divorce, contraception, abortion, homosexuality... and now will be lost over euthanasia? With Judas priests like Edward Beck pandering and fawning - if not over the Cuomos, then the likes of actress and militant Planned Parenthood supporter, Julianne Moore - we should not be surprised. Oh yes, they may mutter a few words here and there against abortion, but one judges not by words, but more by deeds. What have these men actually done to stop these evils? If not actual collusion with the open enemies of the Church, the majority of the hierarchy and clergy manifest: silence, compromise, go-along-to-get-along; do nothing to endanger that tax status! Judas, the traitor, was one in twelve. Sadly, in our day, it seems the loyal apostle is now one in twelve, the rest having gone over to Satan. 

Evil as Cuomo is, his evil is nothing compared to the treacherous, Judas priest that is Edward L. Beck and his equally evil and diabolical Order, the Passionists. 

More to come on "Fr". Beck and the Passionists

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