Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Thomas Rosica, CSB, Vatican Spokesman retweets "Christmas" greetings from Justin Trudeau ~ WHY?

Christians, devout Jews, men and women of good will know that Justin Trudeau is a rabid supporter of abortion. So much so that he has, as a fascist, excluded any person who is pro-life to run for Parliament as a Candidate for Office. Trudeau support euthanasia, homosexuality, gay "marriage" and so on. Yet, here we have a Catholic priest, a Spokesman for the Holy See Press Office re-tweeting a so-called message from a virulent enemy of God and Life. Tom Rosica states that his retweets are not endorsements. Then why put this rubbish up? Trudeau - as with so many in the Vatican - could not bring himself, in his so-called Christmas message - to mention the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But then, why should he expose his even greater hypocrisy? 


BlackWolf said...

Evil is everywhere, one must therefore recognize that it's in the church also, it won't just sit back and allow opposion to it's true nature to go unchalenged. Someone once said; "the church and priests are all pedoes", I said; "no, what you have to realise is that evil people infiltrated the church and pass themselves off as priests, the church and it's meaning is not evil, only some people are, how can someone who is a true servant of the Creator really be a pedophile?"
We have to admit we are in a war for morality, one does not have to be a zealot about it, just realistic. Look around, who is the real target? Children. Evil always targets kids, especially in schools. We just have to begin admiting it exist and start fighting back, instead of just talking about it, recognize it's among us and expose it for what it evil entity, that does not accept opposing views, and shuts down disent with false accusations and ridiculous explanations. Freedoms is based on the right to ones belief and accepting opposing views, our side always say; "be who you want to be, but leave kids alone", but their side say; "be us or else". You see, it's freedoms they are after, once thats gone, they will move to the next one on their agenda. Which is total control and totalitarianism. Look at history, it's there for all to see. Evil succeeds when good men do nothing and their best offence is to make people believe it does not exist. And that is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Check out rosica's worship of justin in today's Globe and Mail