Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Pope Francis: Catholics who believe in the "absolute truth"; "they do evil"

Pope Francis has again spoken out in a very confusing manner. This time denouncing Catholics who believe in the "absolute truth". Such people, according to the Pope are "...doing evil". This is a very, very serious charge. To whom does the Pope refer? Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Sarah or Cardinal Kasper? Perhaps his close friend, Antonio Spadaro S.J., or Frederico Lombardi S.J. etc.? Maybe the homosexualist Bishop Bonny of Belgium, or His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins of Toronto? Is it Cardinal Maestrojuan (who wished to supplant the Law of Christ with that of Moses), or is it Bishop Schneider? Your local parish priest; the sister who teaches catechism? Catholics need to know who is "doing evil". 

James Martin SJ announcing the "good news" 

Perhaps it is the little old lady who goes Mass every day? Perhaps the Catholics of Syria and Africa who are slaughtered for -- the absolute truth? 

The lay faithful rebuking James Martin SJ and the Pope 

Perhaps you, dear reader, also believe in the absolute truth? We know that - for example - the Apostles believed that Our Lord was the absolute truth and had given His Truth to His Church. To my recollection, the only apostle who did not believe in absolute truth was Judas. 

Today is the Feast Day of St. Edmund Campion. He died for the absolute truth. When we have a Pope who no longer believes in the absolute truth, the "crisis of truth" (of which Pope Benedict spoke) has enthroned itself over the Vatican. 


Dorota said...

Why is he still the pope? What is going on?

david said...


Kathleen1031 said...

I have no idea if this is true, and since his words were probably not in English, I cannot check. But I heard it may have been said as "those who believe they HAVE the absolute truth"..etc. There is a difference, if that is what he said.
Nonetheless...more confusion and ammo for the left.

Valdemar said...


He is NOT confusing.

He is only confusing if you are limited by the belief that a Pope cannot be a heretic.

View him outside of that restriction and he becomes crystal clear, coherent and easy to predict.

Barbara Jensen said...

I am remembering Jesus' words to St.Teresa of Avila. He said, 'Anything outside of Me is a lie.' I have pondered those words a long time. To enter into Christ is to enter into the fullness of Truth. St. John of the Cross tells us that Christ is like a never-ending Vine of tributaries that keep opening to new depths of Christ Who is the full Revelation of the Father. The Catholic Church only exists to bring us to Christ and into Christ. She has the supernatural means to deepen us continually in Him and thereby lead us to the Father. This evil pope is getting more and more boldly blatant in his contempt for Christ's Gift to us of the Catholic church. His aim is to destroy Her and build a new church. It is unmistakable that he has nothing but contempt for Christ and His Church. It is time for prelates who are loyal to Christ and His Church to stand up to him publicly. they need to take him on, big time. Not to do so will be their own undoing and greatly fail the Savior they claim to represent. There can be no other way now. The gauntlet has gone down. Let us each deepen in prayer and LOVE of Christ at each moment because the times are perilous.