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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Fr. Edward Beck: is Julianne Moore - Planned Parenthood activist - still "lovely inside and...quite the activist?"

Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons languish in jail. Why? For acting supremely virtuously in defending life to the degree that they would give up their liberty. 

Both now dwell in the Vanier Centre for Women. Linda, arrested September 2nd, 2015, for holding a sign that read:"why mom, when I have so much love to give" outside the Hillsdale abortion killing factory in the east-end of Toronto. Linda's trial will be held on January 13th, 2016.

This past Saturday, December 12th, on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mary Wagner was arrested at the Bloor West Village Women's Clinic, where she tried to dissuade - through peaceful means - women considering abortion. For entering that killing factory, Mary was charged with a violation of probation, and mischief under $5000. 

There is a war, a world war; a global holocaust of unimaginable proportions. The killing of millions and millions of babies. While this war rages on all sides what do we find? We discover treacherous, evil betrayal of the pro-life cause from those who should be shouting from the rooftops about its evil, who should be leading the charge into the abortion inferno, rather than delicate women. Fr. Edward Beck, an American self-styled "celebrity" priest is one such traitor.  

I wrote the following September 30th 2015 and today re-publish it, following the arrest of Mary Wagner: 

Passionist father and CNN commentator, Fr. Edward Beck has quite an Instagram feed. Photos at Martha's Vineyard, with celebrities, with influential journalists - truly reaching out to the peripheries of society, to the poor, the marginalized, like our Holy Father Francis calls all priests to do. 

One particular photo is shocking. Here we find him beaming alongside an actress by the name of Julianne Moore. Here we find him commenting about her internal beauty.... and her being "quite the actress and activist". An alarm bell ringing in my head, I did some investigating... 

Literally, within a few seconds I discovered that a major part of her activism (along with pro-gay activities) involves being a militant supporter of the baby killing organization: Planned Parenthood. In fact, Moore has been known for years as an avid fundraiser.

According to "":

Julianne Moore has worked on behalf of various human rights groups, including those campaigning for gay rights. She is also a pro-choice activist working on the board of Planned Parenthood. And she publicly supported Barack Obama's presidential campaigns.

She considers it "great news" if Planned Parenthood is not be defunded, after being exposed in recent horrifying snuff videos.  

In 2012, Moore was even a major player in the making of a video for Planned Parenthood endorsing Barack Obama. 

Moore and associates endorsing Planned Parenthood 
with t-shirts reading: " yes, we plan to kill our unborn kids"
... and now the EVIL of Planned Parenthood.

Fr. Beck, are you going to tell us you had no idea what Julianne Moore's activism involved? Is she still "lovely inside..."? When will you take this shameful photo down, Fr. Beck? 


Victim of Discourse said...

Thank you for keeping the heat on these agents of self-destruction and their pet priests. Fr. Beck is the kind of political player that "plays ball" with the powers that be. Clerics like this once upon a time burned Saint Joan of Arc. They are natural born collaborators.

Ana Milan said...

Fr. Beck looks like a supporter of the LGBT lobby, so there would be an affinity there. Time these men were removed from the Catholic priesthood- they have brought ruin upon us all.

Anonymous said...

Had the same thought when I saw his picture. Sure does not look like a priest of God.