Saturday, 21 November 2015

The UN is promoting pedophilia and eubophilia: When will The Holy See denounce this ?

A deluded Archbishop Gallagher 

The United Nations continues its militant promotion of sodomy. This promotion is not denounced by the Holy See. One wonders why. A brief perusal of the literature produced by the UN shows that it also promotes homosexuality amongst minors, from the age of 10 and up. This is what is known as pedophilia, or for teenage boys, eubophilia. Let the literature speak for itself. 

We should not be surprised. Evil only begets more evil; feeds on itself. Lust is insatiable. Unnatural homosexual lust knows no bounds to perverted sex addiction, to indulgence in depraved sin. 

We must ask ourselves: when will the Catholic Church denounce this wicked, demonic "United Nations"? When will the Pope, the Secretary of State finally man-up and out this diabolical masonic, internationalist force for what it is? 


Eirene said...

The UN is an evil, Satanic Institution, founded by Communists and fed and nurtured by every conceivable power-broker in this wicked, wicked world. It is sinister and bodes no good whatsoever to mankind, whom it sees as simply pawns to be destroyed, shifted, manipulated and deceived.
Its master is Satan (may Almighty God rebuke him) and its executives and personnel do his bidding relentlessly. Believe nothing they say, do nothing they command you to do and know that there is only blackness at the heart of the UN and a profound despair. Kyrie Eleison!

Anonymous said...

Yea, what Eirene said !