Monday, 26 October 2015

The Polish Bishops' Official Communique at the conclusion of the Synod of the Family

For the record, Toronto Catholic Witness provides a complete translation (free to use, please credit us)  of the Communique issued by the Polish bishops who attended the Synod. Readers can draw their own conclusions as to how these bishops feel, and how they are trying to interpret the incredibly ambiguous sections pertaining to Holy Communion. It seems that we may be moving into an undeclared, unspoken schism. 



Today ends the episcopal Synod on the theme of marriage and the family which was an experience of Church's unity and enrichment of Her diversity.

The Church's sincere concern for the  family reminded the world of its irreplaceable value. The Church reflected on the manner to how effectively protect the family's  social, economic, political and cultural rights.

We are grateful to Pope Francis for his concern for all of this and that the Gospel of Mercy would reach every family. Thank you, that he reminds us that the teachings of St. John Paul II are still valid, whom he himself called "the Pope of the family".

We express our gratitude to the entire Polish Episcopal Conference, which authorized us to represent her position. We thank all Poles in Poland and abroad for prayers and the show of support extended to us.

We were strengthened during the the synodal discussions as we were aware that in Poland there are many families, with God's help, in good and difficult situations, each day take care to be faithful to their vocation.  Now we need to reflect on the manner of implementing the message of the Synod into our lives. 

Following St. John Paul II, the Synod was a reminder - available to all believers - that they have ways of  active participation in the life of the Church. Therefore, we invite all to regular participation at Holy Mass, to the exploration of the Word of God. We encourage families to pray together and to educate children in the faith and to be involved in parish life and to support works of charity. This invitations is also directed towards divorced persons, living in new civil unions, which -  [choć nie przystępują do Komunii Świętej] though they do not receive Holy Communion - are not excluded from the Church. For them it is worth sincerely discussing their situation with their pastor who will assist them to examine their situation through the eyes of Christ the Lord, according to the unchangeable teaching of the Church.

During this Synod, Pope Francis declared the parents of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Zelie and Louis Martin, saints. May the marital and familial love of these new saints be an model and inspiration for the married and families.

Fathers at the Synod,

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, Bishop of Poznań, President of the Polish Bishops' Episcopal Conference

Archbishop Henryk Hoser, Bishop of Warszawa-Praga

Bishop Jan Wątroba, Bishop of  Rzeszów

Rome, October 25, 2015


Luciano said...

Thank you Barona for your great reporting on these faithful Shepherds.
Polonia semper Fidelis.
St John Paul II please pray for the church and for an end to the wolves in shepherds' clothing

Jon said...

Nice to hear faithful bishops.