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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Pope Francis quoted the Spadaro-Cottier interview that we identified as the "smoking adulterist gun": Holy Communion for adulterers would get the "green light"

I wrote recently of the "smoking adulterist gun" in an interview with Georges Cardinal Cottier (re-published in the ultra-modernist Jesuit run, America) conducted by the arch-modernist, Antonio Spadaro S.J. in La Civilta Cattolica on August 8, 2015. 

All of this was in continuity with the 2014 interview that Cardinal Baldisseri gave to Thomas Rosica, CSB about an update for the Church. The more recent Spadaro-Cottier interview developed and fleshed out the Baldisseri proposal for an "update" of Familiaris Consortio. With Saturday's results the adulterous affair has been monstrously consummated.

The August 8, 2015 Spadaro-Cottier Interview was the "blue print" for the Adulterists

With the compromise between upholding doctrine on one hand, and allowing the local Ordinary to overturn doctrine on the other we have de facto a type of episcopalian solution. An heretical solution. 

Where, precisely, was the "smoking gun"? After discussing the "concrete aspects" of a divorce and remarriage, and taking into consideration the "diversity of situations", Cottier explained it to Spadaro: 

Fr. Spadaro: From whom can we expect a judgment of prudence?

Cardinal Cottier: I believe that the solution to some of the problems should come from the prudential judgment of the bishop. I say this not without hesitation and doubts, in view of the division among the bishops. [in other words, not because it is wrong, but because bishops will oppose the adulterist plan]. My judgment is to be applied, first of all [and then what, Your Eminence, expand Holy Communion to MORE adulterers?], to certain situations where there is a high probability that the first marriage was null but for which it is difficult to provide evidence that is canonically acceptable [They are STILL married, Your Eminence!] .

So there we have it from a Prince of the Church, and glowingly tweeted by Spadaro: the Pope quoted the Cottier interview at the Synod! 

Gone is St. Pope John Paul II's 'Veritatis Splendor, where we read: "circumstances or situations can never transform an act intrinsically evil by virtue of its object into an act "subjectively" good or defensible as a choice".The local Ordinary will now decide that a civilly "re-married" Catholic really is entitled to an annulment, but canonically it is still impossible due to lack of evidence. This is the giving of Holy Communion to an adulterer. We have now on our hands the outbreak of an intolerable Christological heresy in the Church. 


Thomas Joseph said...
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Thomas Joseph said...
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Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than Bishops deciding for themselves what is the Word of God.
One bishop may allow something that the next Bishop will not.

That is NOT the Holy Catholic Church. That is Protestant, with thousands of different interpretations running wild.