Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Saturday, 26 September 2015

IT BEGINS: Media rejoice over the selection of militant homosexual Mo Rocca as Lector for Papal Mass

The Advocate, a militant homosexual media outfit, is celebrating the selection of Mo Rocca, an active homosexual as Lector at the Papal Mass at Madison Square Gardens. We will see a rising chorus of rejoicing homosexualists joined by secular media in attacking the Church. 

The "counterfeit" Mo Rocca

Strangely, the "main stream" Catholic media is deathly silent. The National Catholic Register, Patheos, EWTN, etc. etc. 

As Vox Cantoris states: "Let us be clear. This man is not part of the Courage Apostolate struggling to overcome the sin of sodomy and a same-sex attracted life. This is an activist and advocate of so-called same-sex marriage. I am a sinner but I cannot commit a public scandal and expect to read at Mass". 

So where is the "Catholic" media? Listen to One Peter Five. 

The "real" Mo Rocca

Are they afraid? Do they fear Cardinal Dolan? Do they fear the Local Ordinary? 

Are they homosexualists? 

Is their money ticket for paid journalists more important than defending Christ and is unchanging Truth?

And more questions arise: 

Are curial officials involved? What role did the Secretariat of State play? 

More questions meeting a deathly silence. 

Meanwhile the triumphalist roar of the homosexualists will grow and grow. 


Anonymous said...

Judge not, lest ye be judged.
May he who is without sin cast the first stone.
Are you trying to do God's job?

Barona said...

If a rapist, a murderer, a child molester, racist etc., had read at Mass, would you write what you write? As Vox Cantoris wrote, if this man were a member of Courage, a man struggling with inclination to sin, but seeking the Sacraments, following the Church - who would I be to judge? He would then be following Our Lord: go and sin NO MORE".

But if he is a militant homosexual, I have the duty to point out the scandal. We know what St. Paul wrote in Romans about those who indulge in grave sins of impurity without repentance, don't we?

But let us consider the words of St. John Vianney on impurity:

That we may understand how horrible and detestable is this sin, which the demons make us commit, but which they do not commit themselves, we must consider what a Christian is. A Christian, created in the image of God, redeemed by the Blood of a God! a Christian, the child of God, the brother of a God, the heir of a God! a Christian, whose body is the temple of the Holy Ghost; that is what sin dishonours. We are created to reign one day in Heaven, and if we have the misfortune to commit this sin, we become the den of the devils. Our Lord said that nothing impure should enter into His kingdom. Indeed, how could a soul that has rolled itself in this filth go to appear before so pure and so holy a God?

John Laws said...

The media has been subverted by powerful enemies of the Church. Don't expect anything but lies and misdirection from them:
Sadly, Amchurch has become a propaganda organ of the Wall Street elite.

Freyr said...

Yes, an activist homosexual reading at a papal mass is a scandal.
It was a scandal the first time you posted about it but here we are at post number four or five and it is still being flogged. Thank you for at least cropping some of the pictures. This is Witness, not the National Enquirer. We should be witnessing for the faith, engaging in evangelization, not running the local scandal sheet.

Anonymous said...

Careful Freyr, someone might kidnap you again.


TLM said...

How about Mayor Nutter in Philadelphia that publicly put in a plug for Homosexuals in the Church right before Francis took the podium? That was courtesy of Archbishop Chaput. Chaput knew ahead of time that Nutter had threatened to do that, but went ahead with him anyway, and then said those opposed to his 'speech' were just troublemakers. There was more than one scandal during the Pope's visit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Jesus also said "Go and sin no more"
He also chased out those from the temple who would desecrate it with unholy behavior.