Saturday, 26 September 2015

BREAKING: it was NO secret: US Bishops knew that homosexual Mo Rocca was the Lector for the Papal Mass

In the official programme notes for the Papal Mass in New York City, at Madison Square Gardens, we find Mo Rocca listed as lector. We are not naive. People are just not spirited in under cover of night to read at a Papal Mass. This would have to have been approved at the highest levels. 

The Mass Programme may be downloaded from the USCCB's website here. 

Rocca (left) at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2013

Rocca is an open homosexual, a supporter of "same-sex marriage" and active in promoting the homosexual "community". 

Who selected Rocca? Why was it not stopped? Lots of questions. No answers and silence from the bishops. 


Anonymous said...

Apparently you need to listen more closely to what the Pope has been saying, as he echoes Jesus' words about treating others as you would want to be treated.

We are all sinners, and as such, none of us is really qualified to serve as "lector" at Mass. But we do anyway because God's love is not exclusive. Stop making the mistake of the Pharisee at the temple, who imagined himself to be more worthy of being in God's favor. Additionally, prayerfully read Matthew 23 and apply it to yourself, especially verse 4. Stop trying to make Catholicism so exclusive. After all, how do we reach sinners if we don't let them in?

Barb Puder

Barona said...

God's love is indeed not exclusive, but God also hates sin. If you are suggesting that Catholicism is exclusive because the Church, following Our Lord, identifies homosexuality as intrinsically disordered and always and everywhere a grave sin, then yes, Catholicism is exclusive.

How do we let sinners in? Certainly by not excusing their sin, by not acting uncharitably and lying to them about their sin.

Interesting that you speak of Pharisees, you judge me, yet you do not know me. Quaint.

Finally. Apply all your comments to someone who had committed murder or rape. Would you be writing to me and saying that it is acceptable for a murderer or rapist to read at Mass? Would you be calling me a Pharisee for questioning the selection of an unrepentant murderer as Lector?

You have begun your argument by accepting homosexuality and arguing backwards. Not very logical, not Catholic.

Johnny Cure-dents said...

So, if I understand the thrust of these comments -- especially that of Barb Puder -- if the lector chosen had been a publicly identified member of, say, Aryan Nation, or a NY mafioso under indictment, that would have been fine too? No one reading this believes that to be the case, arguments for inclusivity notwithstanding. So why is it OK for someone who publicly endorses sodomy to act as lector, but not a declared and convinced racist, or someone actively working for a crime family?

Anonymous said...

Under Barbs theory, Hitler would have been the most appropriate person in the world to serve as lector. Speaking of Lectors, Hannibal Lector would have been second.

Unknown said...

Like your comment.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

We are all sinners, true. But only those who are fighting sin in their lives are in any position to serve, for we lead by our lives as well as our words. Rocca wallows and glories in his sin. Therefore it was entirely inappropriate to have him occupy the position of lector.
As far as anyone being excluded by the Church, those who celebrate their mortal sin do that to themselves. The doors to the Church are wide open, but they must enter through the Confessional doors.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Hey, a sodomite as Lector.,Mo Rocca.

One minute we have the Pope apologising for the sexual crimes of queer clergy and then next minute he has a sodomite as Lector.

Memo to Magisterium: If you keep allowing sodomites into the seminaries you will have queer clergy and queer clergy sexually lust after attractive adolescent males - not children; adolescent males - and, thus the Church will continue to have more innocent victims of the sexual crimes of queer clergy.

If Satan desired to wreck the Church, he could have not had a better way to do it than to get it to accept sodomites into seminaries for, by their nature, sodomites are subversives and they will ceaselessly strive to be sappers who undermine all laws, precepts, ethos, holiness, and praxis which stand as a witness against their malign and malevolent sexual deviancy.

The One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church has a deadly disease - sodomisation - and it is impossible that it be restored to any semblance of spiritual health until it removes every single last queer cleric and starts to defend the innocent male sheep against those sexually deviant prowling perverts.

The problem is not pedophilia but sodomy and while sodomites are over-represented among those who are pedophiles, the vast majority of sodomites are sexual deviants who are interested in grooming and seducing attractive adolescent males.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the openly gay lector at the Pope's Mass. I say this not out of any animosity toward gay people but because of my own experience as a lector in my Catholic parish.

I was asked to be a lector at my church and performed this role for a few years. But I was specifically removed from that position nearly a year ago, at the direct instruction of the newly appointed Bishop, because I'm divorced and not married in the eyes of the Church to my current "opposite sex" partner. The parish priest's explanation of the Bishop's position was that I couldn't participate in any part of the Church ministry (and a lector is considered part of the Church ministry because the lector reads the daily Scriptural readings during the service, and thus participates in the church services) as long as my marital situation did not conform to Church teaching. I'm also prohibited from Communion, at the direct instruction of the Bishop, for the same reason(s).

Until I read this article I have had no problem understanding and accepting the Church enforcing this in my case because of the Church's position on marriage. If the Church has a Sacramental teaching on marriage, then it has to be applied consistently; I understand that and I'm willing to accept it until my marriage situation can be straightened out. But, judging by this report, the Church is clearly not not applying this logic equally or consistently.

Judging this case by the standard which the Church has applied to me, a lector who is an openly gay man would also be ineligible to be a lector (or to participate in any other part of the ministry) because his lifestyle, like my marriage situation, is contradictory to Church teaching.

I'm a recent convert to the Catholic Church. My current "opposite sex" partner brought me into the Church a few years ago. Part of what attracted me to Catholicism was the way the Catholic Church was consistent in its teaching and doctrine, unlike many other denominations which have consistently compromised their core beliefs and doctrine in the interest of political correctness or political expediency.

Nice to see that the Church is taking a consistent "across-the-board" position on this issue here (note: sarcasm).

I'm going to ask my parish priest about this story. My future participation in the Church may depend on his answers.