Saturday, 5 September 2015

BREAKING: Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Poland: "Europe will be Muslim, there is no doubt...European fertility is so weak..."

Archbishop Henryk Hoser
Archbishop Henry Hoser of Poland, not shy in mincing his words, has spoken out on the influx of Muslims into Europe and the inability of these new migrants to assimilate into Europe.  

Earlier this year, he openly spoke of the horrible betrayal of the Church and the doctrinal teaching of St. Pope John Paul II on moral and life issues. The Archbishop detailed the treacherous dissent of so many churchmen who have promoted the culture of death through either silence or discrete collusion. That Europe is dying, many bishops can take the blame for not teaching Christ's beautiful doctrine on the sacredness of marriage. 

After outlining the history of the Tatars in Poland and the eastern invasions of past centuries of eastern and central Europe, the Archbishop noted that invaders who remained were without too much difficulty successfully assimilated, even to the degree of adopting Polish surnames. However, the Archbishop sees in the modern waves of Islamic migration into Europe, not assimilation, but ghettoization. This is coupled with a deep spiritual and existential crisis in Europe. It is the latter that decides the former.

This modern Europe which rejects religion and embraces moral relativism, it is this suicidal Europe that is fueling a culture of death that refuses to have children. The Archbishop is laying the blame where it should be laid: at the feet of decadent Europeans. Islam is merely following one of nature's laws: a void must be filled. Europe is dying and Islam is expanding. The Archbishop believes that Europe is on the way to being totally dominated by Islam. 

His Excellency states, in an interview with Radio RMF: 

I believe that Europe today is experiencing a period analogous to the early Middle Ages, when the nomadic people flocked here from Asia. And how will it be now? Probably Europe will be Muslim, there can be no doubt.

If trends do not change, if European fertility will be so weak as to not have a replacement generation, then Europe will be Muslim and they will have a role like they have had up to this time in the Middle East. In a sea of ​​Islam [lit. Mohommedans] they were such small Christian communities that survived; yet now, at this time, they are not even in a state to survive. 

[trans. Barona].

God punishes for sin. Just as He punished ancient Israel for infidelity so too is He is punishing Europe. He has historically used Islam as a scourge, and He is using it today. The great Jewish convert of the last century, the Abbe Joseph Lemann ("L'Antechrist") wrote an excellent monograph based on the Fathers as to the coming of the Antichrist. In that book, he identifes various precursors of the Man of Perdition, men who exemplified evil: Mohommed is one of these men. 

An interesting observation will be from the European "nationalists". Will they admit the real reason for the problem? Or, will they continue to clamor for deportations etc., whilst continuing living their hedonistic, culture of death lifestyles? 

Interestingly, European "nationalists" seem to be blending with the homo-fascist movement. Students of history can hardly fail to recall the Brown Shirt and the Pink Swastika. Well, they are back - the French National Front, and other assorted neo-brown shirts. 

Let there be no mistake. These fascists are digging Europe's grave as eagerly as an ISIS knife wielder would. There is one solution to Europe's problems, as there are to all the world's problems: a return to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His One, Holy, Cathoic and Apostolic Church.

[Note: You may use the above translation, but out of courtesy credit Toronto Catholic Witness]


  1. The tragedy, Barona, is that if Europe were devoutly Christian, there would be an opportunity for conversion of Muslims. But unfortunately when they arrive, their faith -- Islam -- such as it is -- is far superior to Western pro-death liberalism. The opportunity for evangelization is lost. God bless you. Susan Fox

  2. You hit the bull's eye there Susan. The Archbishop speaks of Christina responsibility of being welcoming. He merely states facts. Facts that the liberals deny for their own reasons; and facts that the Nationalists deny for their own. Both liberal and nationalist are united in their dedication to the dead-end of pro-death liberalsim (the latter, now in the classic 19th century sense. We must not forget that Marxist Socialism (dialectical materialism, class warfare and atheism) along with fascism are both offspring of Hegelianism.

  3. ...but, but, but, Vatican II said we all "worship the same God" (sarcasm aside, thank God for leaders like HE Henryk Hoser. We need a few hundred more like him).

    1. We have Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Cordileone to include with Cardinal Henryx Hoser. They need to be supported for standing guard on God's true teachings and laws! Prayers for them and for the conversion of all people, Amen!

  4. Fr. makes a great point about the hom-fascists. I clicked through to that link ... and it is scary. What would you rather have? The Homintern agenda in your pre-schools, queers kissing on the park benches near where your children play, relieving each other and themselves in the restrooms, ... or a few modestly-dressed muslims?

  5. Why is it a betrayal of just John Paul II? Why choose this Pope? Rather, it betrays the unchanging truth of God and the Holy Catholic faith that was affirmed by many many Popes. Also, John Paul II's interreligious undertakings were a disaster as he never preached Christ to Muslims, never indicating the necessity to convert to the Catholic faith, which is contrary to the Apostles and other more traditional Saints. Hardly the person to bring up against the passive Muslim invasions going on in Europe. After all, he did pray to St. John the Baptist to protect Islam:

    1. St. John Paul 11 's action and life was His teaching of Gospel to others.


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