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Friday, 22 May 2015

The tragedy of Ireland ~ how liberalism has destroyed a once Catholic nation

 "With God and Jesus Christ, excluded from political life, with authority derived not from God but from man, the very basis of that authority has been taken away, because the chief reason of the distinction between ruler and subject has been eliminated. The result is that human society is tottering to its fall, because it has no longer a secure and solid foundation". 
Pius XI, Ubi Arcano

Pope Pius XI

Today, the Irish nation is holding a referendum on whether or not two men or two women can "marry" each other. Objectively, the "Sovereign will" of the "people" deciding on truth is blasphemy. It may not be seen as that but even to consider that truth is to conform to my mind is blasphemy against the Creator. There is no need for a referendum; Our Lord is the "way, the truth and the life..."; the Church has spoken. Truth is not put to a popular vote. The fact that referenda are held to decide objective morality is a very serious issue and shows the supreme power of the State, now replacing the Church as the arbiter of "morality". Liberalism morphs into fascism. (Let me be clear, when I refer to "liberalism", I am following the classic definition given by the Popes.

Yesterday morning, the Vox reported on the tragedy of an Irish bishop using the same argument from the evil Winnipeg Statement's erroneous position on conscience for deciding for or against  "gay marriage" in today's Irish referendum.

To see how far Ireland has fallen over the past few decades, it may be helpful to recall the beautiful reference to Our Blessed Lord in the Prologue of the Irish Constitution of 1937. I was unable to find it on the internet (the Irish government seems to have expunged it from its website; fittingly, I suppose, for an anti-Christian, fascist power): 

We, the people of Ireland, ... humbly acknowledging all our obligations to Our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial..."

Sadly, Article 44 on religion, in the 1937 Constitution was infected with liberalism, and was not approved by Pius XI, who had a few years earlier published, Quas Primas, his encyclical on Christ the King. Contrary to the beliefs of de Valera, and other liberals, the State is bound to give public honour to Christ. The Irish nation had failed Christ the King, and it would be inevitable that moral decay would grow. The Church in Ireland, likewise failed to combat liberalism, allowing anti-Christian forces to steadily chip away at Catholic influence for decades. Soon divorce and contraception were made legal, accelerating abandonment of the sacraments. Grace will be lacking. 

In 1992, on December 23rd, they passed the death sentence on Irish babies, allowing pre-natal infanticide to be permitted "overseas". Once one of the Four Sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance is "legalised", it is inevitable that all four will be. Sin builds upon sin. And so, the poor, deluded Irish are now on the verge of passing the death sentence on marriage and the family: hence society. Ireland, let us make no mistake, like Canada will die, will pay the price before God for her infidelity. The scourging by God of ancient Israel for infidelity, should always be before our minds.

As to evil bishops the words of St. Augustine are well worth  re-reading:
"St. Augustine is fully aware that not all members of the clerical state and hierarchy are holy men, and if such is the case what is the relation of the wicked members to the body of Christ?  The relation is the same as that of all other members. Good bishops participate fully in the life of the mystical body; they, as principal members are bound to it by life-giving ties. Bad bishops, may have jurisdictional powers and authority and belong to the Church, like all sinners not separated from it, but they do not participate in the life of grace. They are not however severed either from the external Church or the mystical body... till the end of time two categories of pastors are bound to exist. There are shepherds “who occupy a pastoral chair in order to tend to the sheep; others, however, sit on them in order to enjoy temporal honors and secular advantages” Unrightous bishops are not honored with the name of sons, but are called mercenaries. St. Peter, who is portrayed by St. Augustine as a personification of the Church, is also presented as a symbol of all the pastors of the Church. However, it is only good pastors and not of mercenaries that Peter is opposition to the other apostles, Judas is reputed to be such a mercenary; and if this happened to one of the apostles, who were so close to Christ, there should not be reason for scandal if his example finds imitators among the apostles' successors. They can have a place in the temporal existence of the Church, but will not enjoy the eternal existence of the mystical body of Christ" (Grabowski, pp. 219-221).

Reference: Grabowski, S. J. (1957). The Church: An introduction to the theology of St. Augustine. B. Herder Book Co; St. Louis, MO and London, England.

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Anonymous said...

My heart weeps for Ireland. My heart weeps for the land and the people. My heart weeps because God's truth is unyielding and He will not change His decree. I pray that those who are blinded to homosexuality will wake up to truth, Ireland will be judged just as sure as the wind blows and night falls. Our prayers to the Most High can not save or change God's laws. We can however pray that those who are blinded will awaken before God's judgement.