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Thursday, 24 April 2014

OECTA to send delegation to "gay pride" parade.... please sign petition opposed to this outrage

A petition is being circulated asking that OECTA (the so-called Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association) reconsider its decision to march in the up-coming obscene "World Gay Pride Parade", here, in Toronto. Based on other such events, we can expect nudity etc. with the Toronto Police standing idly by, refusing to enforce the law. Is it any wonder the estimation of the police are collapsing in the eyes of the public; when they have been transformed into an enforcement unit for the "ideology" flavour of the day (welcome to "fascism in white gloves" my friends). The de facto "liquidation" of young Sammy Yatim  last summer on a street car, whilst numerous police "officers' milled about watching, shows the penetration of the culture of death into the police force. 

I am under no illusion that the Trustees can force the above mentioned strident union, OECTA, to reverse its position, Nonetheless, it is incumbent on Catholics, and those of good will, to sign this petition; Cardinal Collins needs to know that he has support in his strong criticism of this noisy un-Catholic outfit.

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