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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sexual Nihilism and the Death of the West (how abortion and homosexuality are killing life and love)

I had intended to work on a post this morning on the advance of sexual nihilism amongst our young Catholic people. Nothing could be more urgent. We are literally dying due to sexual depravity, that has created a culture of death. 

I was sent a new item by Vox Cantoris of the persecution of a protestant pastor, the Rev. Donald Michael MacInnes who still believes (unlike many "Catholics") - though somewhat confusedly - in Christian morality. The "establishment" persecution of this man only increased the sense of urgency. Details may be read here.

MacInnes is correct in opposing "same-sex" marriage; he is wrong in proposing a compromise position of "civil partnerships". The latter is also an evil that in no way may be countenanced. A number of neo-Catholics over the past few years have, and continue to fudge on this last point.  The Church has authoritatively spoken out on so-called "civil partnerships".  One may, for very serious reasons, tolerate evil - but only to avoid a lesser one - but never, to positively endorse evil. 

The persecution of MacInnes for very tame and gentle opposition to the abominable evil of homosexual acts is indicative of the power of the sexual nihilists. Along with abortion, the glorification of homosexuality is nothing but the summit of  this  nihilism that is gradually encircling the globe with its tentacles. 

It was inevitable. Once society was brainwashed into thinking that divorce was humane, "hip" and above all, "progressive"; that contraception was "responsible", that love was "free" - anything could go. When life and love were separated, moral and spiritual madness follow. Abortion is the ultimate life-killer, homosexuality the ultimate love-killer. By the time most Catholics decided in the mid-to-late sixties - following the post-conciliar collapse - to jump off the cliff into the sea of the modern world, abortion too began to raise its ugly head. Catholic women quickly lined up at the abortion mills to be rid of an "inconvenience".

We now arrive in the 21st century with no abatement in sight. To the contrary, with the advance of the internet, there has been a veritable explosion in pornography. Catholics have taken to it like a fish to water. And I refer to regular Sunday Mass pew sitters. The Archdiocese of New York even established a programme for confessors, such were the numbers of sobbing housewives who had discovered their "devout" husbands were porn addicts. 

The young, not to be outdone by the older generation of hip and feel-good Catholicism have taken to the abuse of the new technologies as well. Pornography, sexting, vulgarity, sexual depravity, occult - all these are high on the agenda for many, many veritable children - even of nominally "devout" Catholic parents. The young are hurried along in their debauchery by debased, lapsed teachers; the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) in truth a repugnant and stridently dissident militant Union exemplifies the collapse. 

Sadly, these perverters are not alone: they are joined by far too many Catholic parochial "conservative" schools, who, by the evidence show graduates totally immersed in the new sexual nihilist sub-culture, as much as their state-funded co-religionists. 

In all of this, the clergy - most, not all - are silent or extremely tame on the matters of sexual nihilism. I myself, have only heard a few references to these sins from the pulpit, and only in very gentle and muted ways. There is no sense of urgency, crisis, catastrophe. Literally, outside of the great, holy Monsignor Vincent Foy, I cannot name ONE Canadian or Canadian based priest who is a constant and loud voice in the wilderness standing up against sexual nihilism. Amongst our bishops, there is a deafening silence. Not just in Canada, but throughout the world. The popes called for a pastoral plan - but where is it? No, the bishops' pastoral "plans" neatly excluded a rigorous opposition to sexual nihilism. God will judge them. Let us, at least, not remain silent. 


Brian G said...

(......the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) in truth a repugnant and stridently dissident militant Union exemplifies the collapse.)

I was a member of this union for 31 years. Any connection between the "C" in OECTA and the "C" in authentic Catholicism, is purely co-incidental. When it comes to Catholicity, the "C", in OECTA, should stand for Contumacious. At least two Catholic school boards, in Ontario, have permitted "mini-mosques" in their high schools. For opposing this, I was charged, with bigotry, by a popular neo-con cleric. The Catholic school system, in Ontario is on life support, or suicide watch, take your pick. The welcoming of, and the virtual silence, of our bishops, to establishing sodomy affirming gay-straight alliance clubs, in our high schools, is further evidence of this.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Wow, what can I say except that I wish I had wrote it. Good job Barona! Susan Fox