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Friday, 31 January 2014

BREAKING NEWS from POLAND: Fr. Dariusz Oko threatened with possible law suit for "defamation"

Following a public talk in Pszczyna, Poland, by Fr. Darisuz Oko on the dangers of gender ideology, an individual named Robert Trybus is attempting to collect signatures and organize a class action law suit against Fr. Oko for "defaming" atheists. Apparently, Mr. Trybus, does not approve of free speech - much in keeping with the dictators of Poland who reigned in that country up to 1989 - and takes umbrage when Fr. Oko stated that the promoters of gender ideology  have values based on eroticism, rather than ethics. Trybus' intolerant behaviour is to be expected: those who hate the truth can not even tolerate it. Evil hates truth, fears truth, and seeks to silence truth. But the truth cannot be silenced: genderism is wrong, homosexualism is wrong, homosexual activity is wrong...Fr. Oko is right, the Church is right. Please pray for Poland and Fr. Oko. Recently, Fr. Oko addressed members of the Sejm. Please see video below. 

Ironically, Fr. Oko's lecture was entitled: "From Tolerance to Totalitarianism"

Every picture tells a story: From the The Facebook page that seeks
to "silence"Fr. Darisuz Oko
Recommended reading: The Polish Bishops statement in defense of the family and against genderism and homosexualist ideology.

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