Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fr. Matthew Despard: A courageous priest speaks out on a 40 year old crisis

[ N.B. See editorial update on the Scottish crisis]

[UPDATE: April 20th, status of Fr. Despard with the Diocese of Motherwell]

In conversation with Montfort, on the homosexual crisis in Scotland, he informed me that news reached him only the other day from a relative, that this same relative had been informed by a lady who at one time worked in a seminary in Scotland 40 years ago and that  the seminary was "rife with homosexuals". 

We, at Witness, believe that it is time Catholics spoke out. We call on all to contact the Apostolic Nuncio to the United Kingdom on the issue of Fr. Matthew Despard. We believe that this good priest should continue his ministry. His courageous step to publish the book "Priesthood in Crisis" is something to be defended.

His Excellency 

Archbishop Antonio Mennini
Apostolic Nunciature of Holy See
54 Parkside
SW19 5NE
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J Mcmonagle said...

Father Despard should be commended for this book and speaking the truth.Ashamed of the Catholic Church in Scotland for trying to demonise this honest guy .He should be made the new bishop for the Diocese of Motherwell,instead of the homosexual mafia who appear to be in our midst. said...

I have just learned from my family in Scotland, pertaining to the furor arisen from the publication of the book “Priesthood in Crisis” by Father Matthew Despard, parish priest of St. John Ogilvie RC Church, High Blantyre. Seemingly this honest and pious priest is in danger of being forced out of his vocation as a priest, due to the fact that he was honest enough to expose the heinous crimes committed by certain members of the priesthood. If this is the case, how sad that the truth, once again, is not being brought to the fore, and is in danger of being “swept under the carpet”, as has been done on many occasions throughout the years.

From what I understand, Father Despard has been subjected to verbal and physical abuse because he was not going to be part of these atrocious sexual actions. Am I to understand that a good man, who has the courage of his convictions, is to be punished and driven out of his lifelong vocation, while the perpetrators just carry on as if nothing has happened? If this happens, it will be the shot that will be heard around the globe because, like me, many Catholics will NOT tolerate this abominable behavior. This is going to be a wake-up call for many of us.

Isabella McGarry CPS CAM
St. Catharines, ON

Anonymous said...

A full investigation into the allegations made in the book has to happen. Our Bishop needs to make a statement does he believe we are all stupid how does retrieving the catholic observer on 7 April shield his flock. Yes shield us from more allegations... Sweep it all under the carpet again and again. Abuse and bullying has went on for too many years let us all stand up and rid the catholic church of the abusers. If the allegations against named priests is not true then they have nothing to fear. But we surely cannot just dismiss what has been written in view of the fact that Cardinal o'Brien himself has been lying to us all for years before he stood up and was counted. We need to rid the diocese of unholy priests and pray for the good holy priests doing a great job amidst all this.

David Neilson said...

I have just finished the book, Priesthood in Crisis and would call for a very high level inquiry into the allegations made there. If Fr Despard is telling the truth, and he has a lot to lose if he is lying, then i the light of the corrupted ministry of Cardinal O'Brien and others the church must investigate and discipline those who by their lifestyle and attitude deny the very ministry of Christ himself
David Neilson

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This book has already been deleted from the UK Amazon website due to the lies of the "Walter Mitty" author and, fortunately, he has now been suspended from duty.

As a former parishioner of St. John Ogilvie (there are many "former parishioners" since Matthew Despard came to the parish!), having listened to many sermons by this man, it is clear that he is an uneducated, odious little man. He can hardly string 2 words together and cannot write a parish newsletter without committing several spelling/grammatical errors, so how on earth did he manage to write a whole book?

The parishioners of SJO wanted to start a petition to remove this man from SJO (as countless letters of complaint to the Bishop did not work) but we were, unfortunately, advised not to take this course of action in case the publicity caused damage to the Catholic church, but it is clear that Matthew Despard is a complete fantasist with serious mental health issues.

Matthew Despard is a sad, lonely man, who we should feel sorry for, but remember in our prayers.

Unknown said...

I sadly have to agree with Stephen. For those of us who know Matthew; he is a deeply perturbed individual and this sad end to a rather undistinguished clerical career is entirely due to his ill informed statements, poor theology and social dysfunction. I hope he manages to find some peace and direction in his life and become less bitter and more accepting of himself.