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Saturday, 12 October 2019

The faithful cry to God during the Great Pan-Amazonian Synod

(A song. A psalm. Of the sons of Core. To the choir-master. Melody: Mahalat. For singing. A maskil. Of Heman the Ezrahite.)
Lord God, day and night I cry bitterly to thee;
let my prayer reach thy pre-sence, give audience to my entreaty,
for indeed my heart is full of trouble. My life sinks ever closer to the grave;
I count as one of those who go down into the abyss, like one powerless.
As well lie among the dead, men laid low in the grave, men thou rememberest no longer, cast away, now, from thy protecting hand.
Such is the place where thou hast laid me, in a deep pit where the dark waters swirl;
heavily thy anger weighs down on me, and thou dost overwhelm me with its full flood.
Thou hast estranged all my acquaintance from me, so that they treat me as a thing accursed; I lie in a prison whence there is no escape,
my eyes grow dim with tears. On thee I call, to thee stretch out my hands, each day that passes.
Not for the dead thy wonderful power is shewn; not for pale shadows to return and give thee thanks.
There in the grave, how shall they recount thy mercies; how shall they tell of thy faithfulness, now that life is gone?
How can there be talk of thy marvels in a world of darkness, of thy favour in a land where all is forgotten?
To prayer, Lord, fall I lustily; it shall reach thee, while there is yet time.
Why dost thou reject my plea, Lord, and turn thy face away from me?
Ever since youth, misery and mortal sickness have been my lot; wearily I have borne thy visitations;
I am overwhelmed with thy anger, dismayed by thy threats,
that still cut me off like a flood, all at once surrounding me.
Friends and neighbours gone, a world of shadows is all my company.


Anonymous said...

You need to find a better hobby, my friend.

John Haggerty said...

To Anonymous:

Irenaeus is not playing a game, this is real life, real people, and real issues.
Since you visited this site you must at least have some interest in the subject under discussion. But all you can contribute is a sneer.

But then who ARE you?
You have not even the manners to give us your name.
Perhaps in the years ahead you will experience grief and misfortune, and learn the wisdom that cuts to the bone, as Saint Augustine said.

Kathleen1031 said...

Right now, scripture is a comfort. I'm really trying to spend more time on scripture than reading what Bergolio is doing, but I wonder if anyone else is having a hard time staying away from the computer right now.
There are more profitable in these lines from Scripture than all the junk I could read online in two hours.

Kathleen1031 said...

I was just looking at your Twitter feed. Is there any chance you can rid yourselves of Trudeau? Boy if that ever happens what a celebration. What an odious person.

Vox Cantoris said...

And you, Anonymous troll, need to find a life.

John Haggerty said...

From the Marriage Feast at Cana to Calvary:
*Early Days of the Church.*
Church Militant. 6 May 2014.

*If there is one failing in the Church today, it is that the Cross is not preached. Sin is made fun of, or ignored, as though it doesn't exist, and there's nothing to overcome, there's nothing to struggle with. No struggle, no salvation.*

Michael Voris, anticipating (five years ago) the posturing wordliness of so many bishops and cardinals like Wuerl, Cupich and Barron; the lies and forked tongues of James Martin and his grinning gang of pseudo-Jesuit cronies; and the ludicrous sham of Bergoglio's Amazon synod.

Is there any place for Christ Jesus in the Vatican?
Or has the prince of this world been enthroned in the Lord's place?

J Haggerty said...

The Vortex - How About A Simple Yes Or No?
Church Militant. 14 October 2019. YouTube.

This report from Rome by Michael Voris deserves to go viral.
As he says, the Vatican will talk about anything except the central article of the Catholic faith - the divinity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Church as the mystical body of Christ.

The attacks on Michael Voris, coming from vengeful Modernists, have been shocking.
He has been compared to Charles Maurras, the anti-Semitic propagandist who persecuted the innocent Captain Dreyfus in France.

Mr. Voris can rightly be compared to the defenders of the faith - the half-French, half-Irish Hilaire Belloc; the incomparable Chesterton; and the combative Catholic street preacher Frank Sheed.

The fact that he is bitterly attacked shows how compromised Catholicism has become by the trashing of the Mass in many churches, heretical theology, fashion, celebrity culture, the media, the sexual revolution, and the waffling obscurantists at this week's synod.

Mr. Voris has become a pariah among these bien-pensant Catholic progressives who have turned the faith into what Mother Angelica called Witchcraft.

Witchcraft and sorcery are what we've been hearing from the Amazon synod.

Bergoglio will go down in history as the New Age Pope.
No wonder he is loved by movie stars, the chattering class and haters of Christianity.

Irenaeus said...

Mr. Haggerty, Vox - thank you.

Kathleeen - Yes, I am finding that difficult to do these days, turn off my attention to the synod. My gorge rises on an almost daily basis when I read of the latest developments. What I am finding helpful is logging out the social media, turning off my devices and turning to Scripture. Like you, I find that more edifying. Might I suggest Jeremias? With regards to Trudeau - well, Barona and I are only two individuals in a mass of 37 million people living here in Canada. Not everyone dislikes Trudeau or the Liberal Party. So I can't say if there is a good chance of running him out - but I am hopeful he will be.

Irenaeus said...

Oh, and to my lovely Anonymous friend, what would you suggest I do as a "hobby" instead of this venture?

J Haggerty said...

We pray every day for the haters of Christianity; for the wolves in sheep's clothing who are destroying the Church from within; and for all Christ's sheep, especially Christians who are being violently persecuted in China and Muslim countries.

The Protestant theologian Gresham Machen described liberal Christianity as *another religion*; for even as they speak of Jesus, the liberals preach *another gospel*, in St. Paul's words.
It is another gospel that was launched this week in Rome.

In our confused age we should remember a proud Pharisee who persecuted the Church with a murderous hatred.
Saul of Tarsus studied under Gamaliel, a respected doctor of the Jewish law, who was the grandson of the esteemed Simeon ben Hillel.

On the road to Damascus Saul the proud peacock fell down into the dust before his Lord and Saviour.