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Monday, 17 June 2019

Stop the culture of enabling Pope Bergoglio

Last week, this writer posted a piece on how we must resist the enemies of the Church, even Pope Bergoglio. It was something I wrote on the spur of the moment, and reflected my general thoughts on what we must do in this confusing time in the Church.

What we must do as Catholics is resist. What we must not do as Catholics is enable the abusers, the heretics, the Freemasons, the Communists, the sodomites, so on and so forth. All of whom are present in fine form in the upper echelons of the Church, from the Pope-in-law-only downwards.

Unfortunately, the majority of Catholics seem to have little interest in resistance, and are seemingly interested in enabling the malefactor we all know as Pope Bergoglio by sowing seeds of division and maintaining airs of snobbery.

Pope Bergoglio's primary goal - after more than six years, it is too obvious at this point - is to enmesh the Church into some globalist government, a New World Order. To make the Church fit the world, rather than the world fit the Church. It sounds farfetched, something from science fiction even, but it is happening right before our eyes. Just the other day, the Heretic-In-Chief announced that the Church would participate in plans to combat climate change. He did not raise a single objection to the USCCB's recent decision to revise the passage on the death penalty in the US Catholic Catechism for Adults. Not one. Today, even, he is allowing the Amazon Synod to discuss the possibility of married priests.

It is all too clear to me (at least) what this man and his cronies are up to.

But no. To most Catholics in the world, what is more important is the "fact" that the SSPX puts Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre before Christ Himself. Or the "fact" that LifeSiteNews is run by Opus Dei. Or whether Catholics are allowed to wear septum piercings.

Those sorts of things, to me, seem more important to most Catholics than the fact the Faith is being put at risk, souls are being lost because priests will not carry out their vocations, and the globalist agenda is slowly being advanced by multiple parties in addition to Pope Bergoglio.

There is a word for this.


That is how the Adversary gains the upper hand. Being pure spirit, and therefore more intelligent than you and I can ever be, he does not attack directly, but rather indirectly. He has gained many souls this way, and will continue to do so, as detailed on this blog.

Ann Barnhardt understands this well. Just yesterday, she filmed a video detailing how the goal of relieving the Church of the papacy has been a long-term goal for the Freemasons and the wayward Teutonic thinkers. How do they do this? Deflection and distraction.

You do not have to take Ms. Barnhardt at her word. You are free to disagree. But I would encourage you to at least take her overarching point seriously: that this confusion in the Church did not begin in March 2013. The efforts undermine the Faith were begun long before that, and defection is hardly a new strategy.

By continuing to focus on non-important issues - such as the ones I detailed above - we are merely furthering the culture of enabling Pope Bergoglio and - ultimately - the Adversary.

It is time to stop being part of that culture. It is time to stop zeroing in on the issues which matter so little in terms of salvation.

It is time to take our heads out of the sand, and resist - in earnest.

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