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Monday, 5 March 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Fr. John O'Connor: "Humanae Vitae ~ The Linchpin of Catholic Morality"

Fr. John O'Connor

Toronto Catholic Witness is pleased to present another exclusive: the complete audio lecture, "Humanae Vitae: The Linchpin of Catholic Morality", given by Fr. John O'Connor in England in 1992, before the organization "Pro Eccesia et Pontifice". 

Detailed, and precise, Fr. O'Connor explores the history of the encyclical,  Pope Paul VI's infallible decision, the worldwide dissenters' reaction - and implications of dissent on such a fundamental teaching -  and a brief Q and A. 

Fr. O'Connor's lecture is even more relevant today, given the furious attacks on the family and Christian morality by a paganised and hedonistic society. With rumours that churchmen may try to downplay or obfuscate the infallible encyclical, a careful listening to this complete talk is essential to understand  its vital importance.  

The lecture is featured on Toronto Catholic Witness' ever growing Youtube Channel. We encourage you to subscribe.

Humanae Vitae: The Linchpin of Catholic Morality - PART ONE

Humanae Vitae: The Linchpin of Catholic Morality - PART TWO 

Humanae Vitae: The Linchpin of Catholic Morality - PART THREE

Humanae Vitae: The Linchpin of Catholic Morality - CONCLUSION


Anonymous said...

Thankyou ,Keep posting Fr J O Conner's videos.He was one of my first hero souls for these times.
I recall listening to his tape the Antichrist which caused him to be exiled from his Order for telling the entire truth of how hos hx Superior was turning away straight good young men from entering the Order.
i have been circulating the videos and getting feedback from Catholics who never heard of the good Padre. RIP dear Fr O'Conner !

Barona said...

My good friend anonymous 2:45. Thank-you. I have many, many more recordings of other talks by Fr. O'Connor and as time permits, will be digitally transferring everything and uploading them to the internet so that you and your friends can have access to his wonderful lectures.

The great Fr. O'Connor shall not be forgotten. Persecuted, suspended, hounded, mocked, degraded - Fr. O'Connor will never be forgotten.