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Monday, 13 November 2017

Jewish Producer, Harvey Weinstein hired "Black Cube" - a Zionist Mossad outfit to cover-up his crimes

Harvey Weinstein, it has been revealed, used former Mossad agents, running a so-called Black Cube" agency to cover up his decades long sexual molestation and rape of women. The Jewish film magnate has deep and proud connections within the Jewish and Zionist communities. 

On Tuesday Israel's Channel 2 reported that former Prime Minister Ehud Barak gave Weinstein information that facilitated his hiring of Black Cube. 

Black Cube was founded in 2010 by Yanus and Dan Zorella, who served in an Israeli intelligence unit. Black Cube describes its employees as “a select group of veterans of the elite Israeli intelligence community, whose diverse experience in information gathering, analysis, research, and field operations

This story goes beyond Weinstein, as it is a reminder that Mossad is known to have very, very deep tentacles in the United States. The danger posed by Zionism cannot be underestimated. Catholics should think long and hard as to the decades long career Weinstein had producing films that corrupted an entire generation. Americans also need to think long and hard about the power of Zionism, and its control of the US government via AIPAC and other extremely powerful forces. Americans need to wake up and stop being Israel's lackey. Just how much American blood has been spilt for Zionism? How many thousands more will die? Let it not be forgotten that the entire US Joint Chiefs of Staff were against the Zionist stooge, Truman in recognizing the Zionist enterprise. History has proven these men correct. 

A further post will examine Zionism's more recent anti-Catholic attacks on Poland, Zionism's support of "refugee" migration into Europe, whilst at the same time encouraging Moslem suicide attacks to garner Gentile support for the criminal, Zionist State of Israel. These seeming contradictions are resolved in seeing that all Zionist activity is centered on destroying Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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