Sunday, 20 August 2017

Alt-Left and Alt-Right refuse to imitate Christ

Church Militant reports on a series of attacks on Catholic churches in once Christian nations. This is to be expected. This morning I reviewed a video by Ezra Levant following the seeming implosion of his so-called "Rebel Media". What was infinitely more interesting was the combox. It was strewn with profanity, blasphemy, hatred - from both "alt-right" and "alt-left".

Never any mention of Our Lord Jesus Christ or His Church. These people are neo-pagan. Even those who profess Christianity, speak and act no differently than the neo-pagan.  Catholics need to come to grips with the depth of liberalism and neo-paganism that surrounds them; the very air we breath is liberal and neo-pagan.

For some, it may not seem much, it may seem nearly trivial - but that only reveals the degree of their neo-paganism. That is the use of vulgarity, profanity, filth. Vulgar words reflect a vulgar and uncivilized mind. That was one of the things that struck me on the so-called "combox". These people are brutalized. 

Firstly, you sexualize, then you brutalize. The violent, brutal, hate-filled youth of "left" and "right" are unthinkable prior to mass sex-education. Obscenity, vulgarity - even amongst so-called "traditional' and "conservative" - dare I use the word? - "Catholics" - has become the norm.

What kind of example do Catholics offer these poor neo-pagans? Sadly, most of us offer none. Let us not fawn off all the blame on priests and bishops. Yes, they have failed us miserably, but we can live good, Catholic lives even without our priests? Did not the Japanese Christians do so during their persecution? Ah, but they took the Faith seriously, they knew, if caught it meant certain death. For most of us, the Faith has been reduced to politics. Our Lord is now a mere name, a side show. He is an optional extra. The Christ these people "worship" is a false Christ. 

Expect things to get far worse in countries that believe that a woman has a "right to choose", and believes that other grave sins are "human rights".

Friends, either we start to act according to the Faith we claim to profess, or we will be condemned on Judgement Day.

I conclude with words from St. John Chrysostom's 7th Homily to the Ephesians:

Thus ought a man to love his enemies; by lamentation, by unwearied endurance, by doing everything, by showing all favor, to aim at their salvation.

...And after He was crucified, what were His words? Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34). 

Both cruelly treated before this, and cruelly treated after this, even to the very latest breath, for them He did every thing, in their behalf He prayed. 

Yea, and after the Cross itself, what did He not do for their sakes? Did He not send Apostles? Did He not work miracles? Did He not shake the whole world?

Thus is it we ought to love our enemies, thus to imitate Christ. Thus did Paul. Stoned, suffering unnumbered cruelties, yet did he all things for their good. Hear his own words....

Thus is it we ought to love our enemies. This is to love God, Who has enjoined it, Who has given it as His law. To imitate Him is to love our enemy....

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