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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Cardinal Dolan joins homosexual Mo Rocca in Rome for an art tour of the Vatican!

Mo Rocca, a prominent American homosexual, gained international infamy during the visit of the Pope of Rome, Francis, when the latter said a Mass at which Rocca was Lector. It soon emerged to the rest of the world that Rocca was also a militant homosexual.

Liz "I can do this all day" Lev 

The result was gay propaganda news agencies and websites praising the selection of Rocca, and the continued propaganda that "gay is good", "whom am I to judge" and other nonsense.

Cardinal Dolan of New York is back at it again. This time, the corpulent Cardinal joined Mo in Rome for a little art tour of the Vatican not a few months ago.  Lo and behold, the tour was conducted by none other than the disgraced Elizabeth Lev of Legionaries of Christ infamy.

This little TV appearance tells us several things. 

Cardinal Dolan with Mo "the homo" Rocca

It tells us that it doesn't really matter if one is a practicing homosexual. After all, the video shows the Cardinal's arm around Rocca, the two of them laughing and enjoying themselves. 

Mo "the homo" Rocca with a "friend" 

It tells us that it really doesn't matter if one engaged in an illicit sexual relationship with a priest and covered this up, lied and brought great scandal and shame upon the sacred priesthood and the Church.

Lev shamelessly continued her "career" with the Legionaries of Christ, Zenit, Opus Dei, several universities and the international neo-Catholic, upper-income tax bracket, jet-set crowd. All very nauseating. 

This, dear readers, is the neo-con "church". Wealthy, corrupt, decadent, upper tax bracket, jet-setting, and high flying..... 

Dear friends, do not despair. Our Lord is in total command of his Church. Our Lord founded a Church on Apostles, not on a bunch of museum curators spending centuries amassing a vast wealth of art treasure. Nor did he found His Church on men who engage in homosexual orgies and the like. God will not be mocked. 

These horrors are sent to us because Our Lord is purifying His Church. He allowed the Second Vatican Council to expose the facade and fraud of "fifties Catholicism". 

Our Lady of Fatima and Akita, pray for us. 


Anonymous said...

Yup, looks like CC (corpulent cardinal) is making a move on Mo in that pic.

Anonymous said...

Mo and Dolly toured St. Patrick's cathedral in NY shortly after homo Mo was the lector at Francis' papal mess in NY in 2015.

Mo's bro Francis X. Rocca covers the Vatican for The Wall Street Journal. A native of Washington, D.C., he has written on a range of topics including European politics, higher education, arts and culture.

Francis used to be bureau chief for Catholic News Service. The boyz got their "start" at sodomite Jesuit Georgetown Prep in D.C. "Each of the three Rocca boys, Mo being the youngest, became “borderline obsessed” with accumulating knowledge in fields with little overlap, says the middle son, Lawrence, who is director of development at Georgetown Prep. Francis, the eldest (you weren’t expecting “Curly,” were you?), is the Rome bureau chief for Catholic News Service."

Mo got to lead the youth rally in 2008 for Pope Benedict's papal visit at Dunwoodie seminary. "He had emcee’d Benedict’s youth rally at Saint Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers, while Connick sang at Yankee Stadium. Of course, in 2008, Rocca had not yet “come out” as gay." (But sure those who chose him to lead 'the youth' not to mention 'the seminarians' knew all about his sex addiction--teach the boyz how to get ahead.)

Barona said...

Strange how Liz Lev equated Francis Rocca akin to a 12 year old on her Twitter feed.

Justin Nelson said...

I hope they all enjoyed the beauty and goodness they were surrounded by.
Without serious conversions they all soon be in a place absent of any beauty and where the only goodness, in a philosophical sense, will be the fact that they exist, though it will be an unending tortured existence.

nazareusrex said...

Bergoglio promotes a gay NGO of Transvestites activists that operates in a Catholic monastery in Neuquén-Argentina run by a Pro gay nun (Mónica Astorga), that promote gender ideology.

James said...

I don't think it's right to joke about Cardinal Dolan's weight and call him the "corpulent Cardinal". Who really cares about that?

But the remarks about Mo and Liz are spot on. Why in the world would the Church still want to put them in the spotlight and why in the world would Cardinal Dolan chumming around with them in front of cameras be a good thing?

Run2Orthodoxy said...

Just Run!

Serlio78 said...

Dolan the Dolt.

Taliesin319 said...

Well at least he isn't praising the Wiccan ministry prancing about in gauzy veils to Gaia, and Committed Couples ministry at St Francis Xavier in Manhattan. Seems right at home and you have to give him A+ when it comes to following folk on their journies.