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Monday, 30 January 2017

Islamist Terror Attack in Quebec and the "racism of the lowest expectations"

Sunday evening, January 29th, 2017, two Islamists (or, is it now one??) burst into a Mosque in Quebec and slew five co-religionists. One was a "refugee" from Morocco, the other was a French-Canadian apostate. Or, is the gun totting Moroccan now a "witness"?

Tarek Fatah, Canada's indefatigable anti-Jihadi and anti-Sharia Crusader warned us years ago to expect Islamic attacks in this country. I recall him discussing the cowardly Toronto Police organizing a press conference with the guidance of Imams regarding the arrests of Islamists who planned to transport bombs from Toronto to New York City via trains. The police dutifully obeyed the prescripts laid down by the Imams. In doing so, Sharia had come to Toronto. 

Now, we have the outrage of a terrorist attack in Quebec. Yet, the fool, the incomparable buffoon and empty headed windbag, Justin Trudeau has refused to call it what it is. He is simply a rich, white racist who expects brown people to slaughter each other. The "racism of lower expectations". Trudeau is a disgusting, disgrace to Canada. Those who voted for this vile, evil, little creature should hang their heads in shame. He is NOT a "courageous, young man", as a certain Vatican spokesman seems to think. Thomas Rosica, CSB wrote in the Globe and Mail: 

And we can find Him in the bold, courageous leadership of a young Prime Minister who goes against the tide of other political leaders not far from our borders, who have put up barriers and shields to keep strangers out because of fear.

But we have other churchmen too, far too innumerable to mention, who are also adherents to this white guilt, this racism. From the ghoulish and emaciated Cardinal Wuerl, to "Joey" Fats Tobin, on to the exceedingly portly Bishop McElroy, to the wanna-be Marathon champion, Danny Horan of the Franciscans: all of them are denouncing Donald Trump as a racist, a fool, a bigot - instead of taking a good hard look in the mirror. 

Here in Canada, we have the problem of the part-time Vatican English language spokesman, Thomas Rosica, getting deeply involved with the American decision to ban migrants from certain extremely dangerous countries dominated by Islamists. Rosica's public involvement is deeply troubling, especially as he is - albeit part-time - a Vatican employee. Now, we have poor old Tommy tweeting about the terrorist attacks. Yet he can't bring himself to admit they are terror attacks, and he can't bring himself to admit they are Islamist terror attacks. 

The truth can be at times, very, very painful. Coming to the truth can overthrow a lifetime of lies. It can mean loosing friends, employment, it can in its heart mean a person has to admit  they were lying to themselves. We know how hard it can be for women who are abused and are in denial: they have to admit to themselves they have been living a lie. 

Vatican II's ecumenical overtures are a big lie. Fr. Rosica needs to accept the fact that "Allahu Akhbar" IS a call to violence, to death, to destruction. Do we think that St. Paul would concur with this statement of Tom Rosica's? Calls for "salaam" are delusional. Archbishop Sheehan of Ireland wrote concisely about Islam. Now, either he is right, or the innovators. Either Mohommed was a precursor of the Antichrist, or a Prophet. He cannot be both. He cannot be a deceiver and a man of God. He cannot be a good man and a pedophile. We cannot have "dry water", so to speak. But maybe we do. After all "Catholicism can and must change".

Pray for the souls of the victims of the Islamist attackers. Pray that though they were deluded followers of a false religion, pray that they are invincibly ignorant of Christ and His Church. Pray too, for the conversion of churchmen whose sin is even greater than those of the killers. These men are killing souls. Pray that they, who claim to follow Jesus Christ, repent and preach Christ Crucified to the Moslems who remain in darkness. 

Pray that these churchmen repent and accept the great Truth: that there is NO name under Heaven by which we are saved except that of Christ Jesus. 


emmamarch said...

I don't understand why you state the attack is from an Islamist.
It appears it has been confirmed that the attacker is a Laval University student named Alexandre Bissonnette.
Would you please add a correction to your article?
Emma March

Kathleen1031 said...

Dear God. These men are an appalling collection of apostates. They either demonstrate the most immense moral confusion or, they are led by Satan himself. I was just listening to the Holy Mass on EWTN, and the priest including prayers for the victims of the attack in Canada. I'm not saying we should not pray for them, but in our current situation, is that really necessary? What on earth as these men doing! The Catholic Church's leaders are throwing away Christianity for Islam. They want us to as well. Now we are going to see our churchmen "use" the actions President Trump is taking to keep our nation safe, making hay of it by stating it is a racist and bigoted action, when it is neither. Millions of Catholics don't appear to have enough wisdom to discern how they are being manipulated by our own church leaders. Now Canada wants to follow Germany and France into committing national suicide. If Canadians don't want it, they should speak loudly now, although these globalists usually take away the right to dissent and make it criminal to voice displeasure at being invaded by Muslim hordes. Don't let it be said they don't know how to be effective despots.
O Lord, deliver us soon from these enemies to the Church and your faithful. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.