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Thursday, 20 October 2016

As Hillary Clinton openly boasts of supporting partial-birth abortion, the Catholic Church in America is willingly handing her the Presidential Election

Hale continues his support of the Abortionists

Last night the American election came down to one word, as it always has since Roe V Wade: abortion. Americans have a clear cut choice. How corrupt and decadent is America? Just consider the near universal silence following one candidate's announcement that she does and will continue to support the torture and slaughter of babies as they are actually being born. 

NY Times has it right: the US bishops will swing the vote to Clinton
Far, far worse: the silence, the HUGE silence of churchmen. One might expect the New York Times, or the Washington Post to remain silent, but churchmen? But silence is not enough, no! Edward Beck, the Passionist priest and CNN "religion" commentator, has ramped up his attacks on the candidate who opposes slaughtering a baby as it is being born. Christopher J Hale, the Executive Director of the George Soros funded, "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good", has likewise joined in this hellish clamor for the candidate who supports thrusting a into a baby's head. Hale, when challenged by a Catholic blogger accused her of drug use. "Are you on crack"?, Hale wrote on a Direct Message on Twitter. 

Hale attacks Trump, is silent on partial birth abortion
Beck and Hale are two examples of vicious traitors to the Catholic Church in America. 

But it goes deeper, far deeper, than dissenters like Beck, or fools like Hale. Look at the bishops, look at the priests. They are silent. Yes, there may be one small voice here or there, but collectively, they are mute dogs. 

Kurtz retweets vicious slanderer, Hale 
Timothy Cardinal Dolan, will, this very evening, cavort openly, laughingly with Hillary Clinton. What would we say and think of a Cardinal who would openly cavort with a Gestapo Captain known for running a torture chamber?

Why are the bishops silent? Is it just the money they receive from the Federal Government? Is blackmail involved? How many bishops and priests are practicing homosexuals and are being   told to be silent? How many bishops are being silenced because they either enabled or covered up for homosexual abusers? (e.g. Justin Rigali). Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.  


In about three weeks Americans may well end up with the President they deserve. Decades of abortion, contraception, homosexuality, vice, divorce and other grave sins against Almighty God does call down His wrath. It is inevitable that the Lord God will punish a Nation that mocks Him. 

Militant homosexualist Welle attacks Trump
but is silent on Clinton's baby killing
America be warned: to much is given, much is expected. Much too will be exacted as a punishment. The complete downfall of America is imminent. Interestingly, the Washington Post has accurately pointed out that it will be the "Catholic" vote that will push the baby butcher over the top and into the Oval Office.

Let there be no mistake, if Hillary Clinton is elected President, America's Catholic bishops put her there. 

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