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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Why is the Grand Master of the Italian Grand Orient praising Cardinal Ravasi?

Vatican Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi 

The Grand Master of the Italian Grand Orient, Stefano Bisi, has some very interesting words to say regarding the "dialogue" between the Catholic Church as exemplified by Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi of the Pontifical Council for Culture, and Freemasonry. Any further commentary is superfluous. 

Noi non siamo una Religione né una Chiesa, né vogliamo diventarlo. Siamo solo una grande Istituzione che oggi viene guardata senza pregiudiziali anche dalla Chiesa. Come non essere lieti del fatto che il cardinale Gianfranco Ravasi ha scritto di dialogo con i massoni, di valori comuni e condivisi sui quali confrontarsi superando ottuse chiusure e abbandonando i pregiudizi e le accuse del passato. Ho risposto al Cardinale manifestando l’importanza storica della sua riflessione ed auspicando l’avvio di un fecondo dialogo che per i massoni è sempre stato alla base di ogni serena, pacifica, civile e necessaria convivenza.

Sono sempre più convinto che il cardinale abbia avuto un grande coraggio nel riflettere, senza pregiudizi, sulla Massoneria. E noi, pur mantenendo ferma la nostra identità e il rifiuto di ogni dogma, non possiamo non avere altrettanto coraggio cercando un dialogo fra forze che operano per il Bene comune. La Libera Muratoria non è contraria alla Chiesa, rispetta tutte le Religioni e il credo dei propri iscritti.

Our translation of the original: 

We are not a Religion, nor a Church, nor do we wish to become one. We are a great institution, the Church seems to look at us, today, without preconditions. How can we not rejoice that Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi wrote the dialogue with the Freemasons, the shared values, which confront overcoming the obtuse closures and abandoning prejudices and accusations from the past. I wrote back to the Cardinal, stating how important is his reflection. We hope for the establishment of a fruitful dialogue, which is for us Freemasons, the basis for a fair, peaceful, civil and necessary cohabitation.

I am becoming more and more convinced that the Cardinal showed great courage in reflecting without prejudices about Freemasonry. We will not give up our identity and our refusal of dogmas, yet I think we need to show the same courage trying to find a way of dialogue with forces working  for the Common Good. Freemasonry is not against Church, it respects all Religions and the creed of its members.

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Anonymous said...

Three years ago, when Bergoglio has been chosen, everybody was so ecstatic, except people who were reading and believing prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy (who is still horribly prosecuted within the church circle)... Everything about this "pope" as well as how he is going to destroy our church were exposed there. Some people are shocked now ?

Why?... Because they thought that they now better and nobody will tell them what to think? I have no pity on them now. God never leaves his people without the truth and He always spoke through the prophets in the past; God is not changing - we are.

So, how about the future and coming Schism in the church due to the destructive actions of Bergoglio? Nobody believes that either now... Just wait!!! You have mason on the Chair of Peter and you do not know about it!



If somebody would like to read Prophecies of MDM they are here (it is better to be informed) https://fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/