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Monday, 30 May 2016

Thomas Rosica: is glorifying an heretic upholding "the truth with love"?

Thomas Rosica, CSB at a party for Lino Rulli 
Thomas Rosica, CBS, has recently spoken of " our primary task is to uphold the truth with love.”

One may ask: did Thomas Rosica uphold "the truth with love", when he interviewed the arch-heretic and ex-priest, Gregory Baum? 

Rosica had these words of praise for a man who has caused grave damage on the Church in Canada in his promotion of heresy and dissent on Catholic moral teachings. 

"... you remain a faithful, deeply devoted Catholic; you love Jesus, the Church, the Eucharist". 

"... you have been for me and continue to be a real model of hope". 

"I've certainly admired very much your theology, your writings; but also your love of the Church, your love of Christ, and you help to keep alive - not only the spirit of the Second Vatican Council - but the authentic teaching of the Council". 


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

First the Church was infiltrated by her enemies, next the enemies taught dissent and heresy as orthodoxy, then general ignorance of orthodoxy became rule, to culminate in condemnation of all those who resisted this very dishonest method of normalizing manipulation, deceit, error and evil, and remained educated, informed and faithful. Now the majority consider error to be truth, some - sincerely. Those intellectually and morally challenged go so far as to see this overthrow of orthodoxy and respect for honesty and truth as continuation of Church Tradition.

It is all extremely sad and upsetting. God's Word and commandments, despite His love and mercy, don't change. The more we are misled by the apostates and hypocrites, the farther away from God's grace we move. Sin doesn't become a good, even if it rules in our minds, hearts, lives more than do truth and virtue.

I supported contraception once, and then I saw how miserable humans become, when they separate sex from its procreative purpose, and engage in it for pleasure. I doubt humanity has aver been so sexually immoral (disobedient to God's law) and under so much addiction, antidepressants and therapy at the same time.

Thomas Rosica might not even be able to understand any more, how very hypocritical and unjust he has become. We, people he accuses and abuses in his rants, are sad now, for a good reason. He seems very self-satisfied for no good reason at all.

Anonymous said...

Catholics fork over millions of dollars so sodomites like Rosica can hug men in bars in lay attire while claiming to be priests. He loves the world, the flesh and the devil. VC2 gave sodomite termites like him (and bergoglio) television shows and microphones to call good, 'evil' and evil, 'good.' They hate the Church and they hate Jesus Christ -- may He come soon and vanquish them w/His breath.