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Thursday, 18 February 2016

BREAKING: Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States: Donald J Trump ~ how Pope Francis has propelled Trump into the White House

Today, February 18th, 2016 will go down in history as the day in which the path to the White House was cleared for Republican candidate, Donald J Trump. 

With Pope Francis' criticism of Mr. Trump on the US Border Crisis - announcing that Mr. Trump is not a Christian due to his policy position on illegal migration into the United States - the Pope has just handed Trump the election on a silver platter. Various factors will come into play to ensure Mr. Trump's victory: centuries old anti-Catholic sentiment, blue collar anger (Catholic and Protestant) over lost jobs moving south and to Asia, American anger of foreign meddling in internal affairs.... all of this has provided Mr. Trump the opportunity to portray himself as the Blue collar man's champion. It is hard to think of a more inopportune and foolish statement from the Pope. 

Screenshot from Thomas Rosica's Twitter Feed
Catholics will also be questioning the Pope's priorities in whom he calls out as not Christian. Pope Francis has had over three years to call out Barack Obama as a virulent anti-Christian baby killer, but he has not. Nor has the Pope seen fit to call out Hillary Clinton, who claims to be Christian, but is a militant proponent of abortion. And so on. 

Vatican English language spokesman, Thomas Rosica CSB has been busy tweeting away  

Pope Francis has before him innumerable world leaders who are active promoters of abortion and homosexuality. For example, Pope Francis was silent regarding the Catholics gathered in Rome from all over Italy to fight for marriage and oppose homosexuality; yet, the Pope saw fit to denounce Mr. Trump. 

The usual suspect twitterati are already falling over themselves eagerly tweeting and re-tweeting the Pope's attack on Trump. Fr. Edward Beck - close friend and confidant of pro-abortion Democrats, the Cuomo family, and at least one "celebrity" actress (Julianne Moore) has been bruising his fingers with his incessant tweeting. 


John Laws said...

If it took a fool to point up the incompatibility of masonic republican regimes and the Church, I'll humbly accept the lesson. The grace of God is greater than all the "wisdom" of wordly scholars and churchmen. A cleansing of the Church from modern political filth is long overdue. France, Britain, Italy, Germany, America... all of them can return to the satanic lodges from which they crawled out.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

He actually didn't say Donald Trump wasn't a Christian. He said a man who can only think about walls and not build bridges is not a Christian. I agree. But Trump by taking offense labeled himself a Man who can only think of walls and not build bridges. I favor a wall on the border, but I am not a woman who can only think of building walls. I try always to build bridges. God bless you. Susan Fox

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

P.S. The pope didn't say we couldn't build a wall. He was talking about what was in our hearts. Susan Fox