Friday, 15 January 2016

Cardinal Ravasi: just who are you? An occultist, a member of the homo lobby?

Gianfranco Ravasi, the head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, has, through an article published in the Tablet revealed that his David Bowie tweet was not the action of a renegade monsignor, or a Cardinal in his dotage, or just wishing to be "hip". However, we must not forget that Ravasi approvingly tweeted about another sexual pervert. 

It was a tweet by a man who obviously is a very close follower of the recently dead singer. Ravasi in the Tablet article demonstrated his considerable knowledge of Bowie, quoting obscure songs to fit in with his thesis that Bowie - albeit a tormented figure - was a legitimate seeker of the spiritual life. The Cardinal even claimed that Bowie wore a silver crucifix for a number of years. What the Cardinal did not mention - though he must know about it, being quite the Bowie scholar - is Bowie's androgynous lifestyle, his sexual deviance and promiscuity, excessive drug abuse. But this is only the surface of Bowie: what about Bowie the gnostic, Bowie the occultist, Bowie the Satanist? The Cardinal is silent. Instead, he and other churchmen laud praise on him. 

Bowie's final album, of which his last two songs that are receiving so much attention - Lazarus and Blackstar - the videos for both directed by Aleister Crowley devotee, Johan Renck. 

"Bowie was attracted to Crowley as a figure of Luciferian grace, in the sense described earlier, where Lucifer represents a kind of self-realized dandy, a Baudelaire-like poet who is not afraid to explore the more taboo aspects of sex, will, and intoxication". (source). 

Satanist, Aleister Crowley
A scene from Bowie's Blackstar
You, Gianfranco Ravasi can hardly be unaware of this, as you are well aware of his much earlier album, "Station to Station", that  is full of occult references and the influence of Crowley. Of this, you did not write a word. Of Bowie's over five decade devotion to gnosticism and the occult - not a single word. Are you perchance, Eminence, yourself a member of some esoteric occult group, such as the Golden Dawn? 

Just who are you trying to fool, Gianfranco Ravasi? 

Are you an occultist - a Freemason? 

Are you part of the homy lobby? Are you a homosexual or bisexual? 

Just who are you, Gianfranco Ravasi, and whom do you serve? 
Christ or Belial? 


Ana Milan said...

Belial obviously. Investigative journalists need to be constantly on the heels of all these prelates - eventually they will get the proof to out them. We need to leave no stone unturned so that the CDF (who should be doing this work) cannot delay any longer in defrocking them. They have all lost the faith and no longer serve Christ & His people.

s said...

He is a good friend of mine! -Screwtape