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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cardinal Dolan: traitor to Christ and His Church ~ the corrupt Church of New York

Dear friends, I shall allow these photos and the following video to speak of the degree of treachery from churchmen. 

How can a priest, indeed, a bishop of Jesus Christ - a Prince of the Church - be seen laughing with the evil, vile, murderous Andrew Cuomo? The same Cuomo and Cuomo family  that the horrifically demonic Passionist Fathers fawn and grovel before (for a few pieces of silver?). What Judases these wicked,  mercenaries are! Never forget: far above what a churchmen says, is what a churchman does. Yes, on paper, Dolan opposes abortion. But what is he prepared to do about the holocaust? 

These nauseating images help explain the cowardice of Cardinal Dolan when confronted with the homosexual juggernaut - not a priest, not a bishop - but a layman, Michael Voris - is nearly single handedly fighting the horror of the evil homosexual cabal that seems to hold the Archdiocese of New York in its grasp. How will history judge a sniggering Cardinal next to fanatically pro-abortion Cuomo? But more importantly, how will God judge? 

A jolly good time between Andrew Cuomo and Timothy Dolan

.....but this pandering to the rich has been going on and on....and they have been bought, lock, stock and barrel for thirty pieces of silver.  

Egan and Cuomo
Colbert and Dolan
.... and how can we finish without the Cuomo sycophant, Edward Beck?

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Kathleen1031 said...

The longer this type of thing goes on, the more a crisis of faith it can bring about.
Lord, help us in our plight. Show your mercy and raise up men who will not be afraid to take on the evil right in front of our eyes.