Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Welcome back my modernist friends to the blasphemous show that never ends.... Ladies & Gentlemen: Francis Jorge Bergoglio!!!!!

On Tuesday, the Roman Authorities intend on staging a massive "global warming" light show, to be projected onto St. Peter's Basilica. Details of this blasphemous outrage may be read at Vox Cantoris. A program note distinguishes the humanist and masonic spirit behind this crime; Our Lord Jesus Christ - of course - is not mentioned. His Church, despised by these evil men. 

This despicable demonic farce, this abomination,  will be staged - no less - than on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. To insult God's Mother in this manner will only bring the wrath of His Son down upon these churchmen hell bent on destroying His Church. 

Now, the viciously anti-Catholic and Masonic La Repubblica has published photos under the title of "the grand show of the imagination...". I was alerted to this, after viewing a Tweet on Thomas Rosica's Twitter feed. 

Buddhists being projected onto St. Peter's Basilica

While these fools indulge in bread and circuses, pander to the rich, the elite, the globalists, the godless sinners, the Freemasons... a great and horrible REAL crisis is underway, yet IGNORED, buried, scoffed off. I refer to the REAL "third world war" : ABORTION. I refer to the Holocaust of Abortion on a global scale! Yet we have silence; at best, token opposition. While these Fools on the Vatican Hill indulge in overturning the altar, profaning the sanctuary and defiling Our Lady - FORNICATING with the world, the flesh and the devil: babies are being butchered in their mothers' wombs. God is REAL, He EXISTS. We are being punished: the collapse of the Church through heresy and apostasy - from the very top - is far, far worse that a nuclear war. I dare you Pope Francis: project images of the unborn, of babies being murdered onto St. Peter's! You would be abandoned by your rich and godless "friends" in an instant; the media would turn on you, your Twitterati fawners disown you, the hierarchy despise you. You would be a HATED man. But you would be in good company: they despised and hated Our Lord. 

Rather than gaze at banalities on Tuesday; let Catholics, Christians, men and women of good will gaze at this murdered baby and weep:


Eirene said...

Our Lady of Sorrows - pray for us. What Reparation can we make for this terrible blasphemy? Most Sacred Heart of Jesus - have mercy on us! The consequences of this disgusting act will exhibit justice rather than mercy. Our Blessed Lord will not allow His Holy Mother to be denigrated and mocked by these heretics any more. Let them all beware. They are anathema to us all and so we turn our backs upon them forever!

Charles Martel said...

holy spirit, St. Peter, our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St Michael all theAngels and all the Saints, save us from these complete heretical fools!