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Sunday, 20 December 2015

The evil world of Fr. Edward L. Beck: Obama has "Catholic roots"... (Part Two)

No introduction is necessary for readers on the fanatical pro-abortion record of Barack Hussein Obama. Nonetheless, this has in no way deterred Fr. Edward Beck to state: "congrats to First family for 4 more years in White House".  It is bad enough that Beck ignores Church teaching that a priest is not to be involved in partisan politics,  but when he glowingly endorses a rabid enemy of Our Lord Jesus Christ? A man who even supports partial birth abortion and so on? 

I have written before of Fr. Beck's adulation of Julianne Moore. Here we have further screenshots as to his "delight" in Julianne Moore. Who is Moore you may ask? A fanatical pro-abortion Planned Parenthood supporter. No doubt Beck would try to claim he was only adoring her acting skills. But, let us ask: would he have gushingly interviewed her if she was a member of the KKK?

Pro-abortionist, Julianne Moore (second from right) 

Beck and his Passionist Superior, Fr. Robert Joerger

More to come...

For Part One, link here. 


Edison Frisbee said...

Dollars to donuts that Fr. Beck is a sodomite.

Dymphna said...

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

There must be some manly Passionists left, somewhere, on this earth, right? These effeminate men have nothing in common with the Passionist men we knew from decades long past.

Anonymous said...

Edison Frisbee, I think you're right.

Kathleen1031 said...

I don't wish to be rude, I honestly don't. And I don't know who this priest is. Never heard of him. But his support and fawning over the Obamas and this insignificant actress is heinous. There is no excuse for it. That men like this one are in charge of our church is the primary reason we see the church circling the bowl in so many ways.
But honestly, he sets my gaydar detector off.

Guardian said...

These highlights of Father Beck's recent career efforts aren't surprising. By their actions you will know them, and according to these actions, he has no supernatural faith in Christ and enjoys being a celebrity rather than a faithful Catholic priest.

He also shows a great amount of vanity with his coterie of glamour head shots at his disposal.

He is a man that we allow to represent the Faith that has no right to. Silence means acquiescence. Acquiescence means conceding legitimacy. Legitimacy means everything.

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Isaiah Bennett said...

Well, you have to say that he's following at least one of the Lord's counsels: "Make friends with Mammon" Unless broken off, such friendship continues beyond life and the friends will meet the same fate.