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Monday, 2 November 2015

Dorothy Cummings McLean brilliantly exposes the hypocrisy of the "Catholic theologians" who stroll the corridors of Boston College

Many words are being written about the bizarre mania that quickly spread amongst dissident "theologians" in various dens (soi-disant "Faculties" and/or "Schools") of Theology in their rage against journalist, Ross Douthat. 

One particularly articulate assessment of the pathetic state of Catholic academia is given by Dorothy Cummings McLean, in her short essay (entitled Two Years Among the Liberal Theologians) on her years of living in a heresy riddled hell-hole, called Boston College.

Let us not be naive. Boston College is but one of a multitude of decadent neo-modernist establishments that masquerade as Catholic, merely to enable themselves of their money ticket. 

Cummings McLean writes:

Own your heresy" tweeted Douthat, and Father James Martin, SJ seemed to throw up his hands in holy horror. Oh, how irresponsible! Oh, how potentially damaging to a career! Oh, how the CDF will swoop down like a wolf upon the fold. Except it won't, and it almost never does—and they're too busy packing up Monsignor Charamsa's office right now anyway.

The brain-blowing combination of asserting that what is not Catholic teaching is somehow Catholic teaching and then shrieking like a frightened schoolgirl when the word "heresy" is uttered is what the American Catholic/Jesuit theological academy is all about, and I should know. I was in it for two of the most miserable years of my life.

As the Affair Douthat unfolds, I keep attaching faces to the names I hadn't heard or seen for many years. One of them belongs to an active homosexual who brought his boyfriend along on the departmental retreat and shared a room with him. Another belongs to an active unmarried heterosexual who brought his girlfriend along on the departmental retreat and shared a room with her. They were both very pleasant and cheerful men. I liked them very much—which does not erase the facts that they did not believe the teaching of the Catholic Church concerning sexual morality and that today they are professional Catholic theologians.

So there we have it: sexual perverts and sybarites clamouring for Ross Douthat's head, under the fraud that they are Catholic theologians. Confront a liberal and out come the claws of a hawk. But this time it will not work. The resistance at the Synod, lead by the indomitable Africans, joined by the Poles, the Bolivians, the Latvians and others - including our own Thomas Cardinal Collins (one of the now Famous Thirteen - stood for marriage against the adulterists and the homosexualists. We will no longer quietly allow ourselves to be torn to pieces by these vile, demonic hawks. These evil heretics will be exposed and opposed. "Two Years Among the Liberal Theologians" exposes and opposes. 

By the time you have read Dorothy's essay, you will know the answer to her powerful question as to what St. Ignatius Loyola would have thought about Boston College.

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Kathleen1031 said...

As bad as all this is, it has a few priceless consequences.
For one thing, it will force faithful Catholics to defend the teachings of Christ. Watching that teaching be diminished, suffering the effects of that in our churches and culture, has been a slow Hell, and now we have to turn around and confront the enemy head on. Being pursued is awful. There must come a time in battle when to turn around and face it head on no matter what comes, is a relief. That moment seems to be fast approaching.